|Second Year- Goals and aspirations|


After completing first year with a high 2:1, I have decided to set my goal for this year to reach a first. With the feedback given from 1st year I have looked over how I need to personally improve in order to reach a 1st overall for this year.



  • After looking into the feedback given for subject my main improvement is to focus more on the process with design. i need to start to show the process more clearly through more detailed and thorough sketches and diagrams and show a clear link to each stage of my designs. this shouldn’t be too difficult to add upon and could add more interesting and visual content to my blog.
  • I also feel that using the content i have learnt throughout my time on work experience could help add more depth and help create a more interesting outcome to my work.


  • With my feedback from field it has been said that i need to concentrate on showing my content through my blog more. last year i found getting into the blogging part of the course quite difficult at the start of the year and wasn’t sure how to apply my course within the blogging format, especially with field. However this year my main focus is my blog, to keep it up to date daily and  making sure for no gaps.
  • I also aim to show my part of the group more within field this year, last year i put all of the group work on to my blog as i wasn’t sure which parts were necessary. this year my aim is to focus on my parts more and show what i have contributed to in the project.


  • Constellation when i first started the course wasn’t my favourite part of the course and i found my first module site difficult as i didn’t quite understand to the fullest extent what the subject that i was taken was about. this made the entire first term difficult to blog about and therefore ending with a below average grade for that particular module.
  • however with the second part of constellation i understood the topic more and found the lectures really interesting. this encouraged me to blog slightly more about the topic and that is my plan this year. i am to take full notes of each of my modules in order to be able to fully blog about them and show what i have learnt fully within constellation.
  • i also need to concentrate on my essay writing. i found that where i was caught out last year was the case that i thought i was rambling within the essay and putting too much unnecessary information, which i decided to remove before handing in the final piece. however when it came to the collection of the feedback it was information that i needed to further my grade.

I am excited to start this year and concentrate on gaining more knowledge and applying in to my work this year. This year is going to be really intense and the way in which last year wen so quickly I’m a jumble of nerves and excitement.





|My Opinion on Illustration and Traditional Technqiues|


From a young age I have always considered the older more traditional techniques within design the most valuable and solid foundations any designer can have. Many people can learn how to use photoshop like a pro and create interesting images using other software but when it comes to the fundamentals of pen and paper many designers look lost and dumb founded.

I want to talk about how the the use of pen and paper within industry is a crucial part of the design process and how many designers forget to use the traditional and jump straight into the modern and fasters ways in which to create a piece of work.

Working within industry for an internship has allowed me to see first hand how the design process is used within industry and the how different companies work opposed to the traditional one designer per client. I do feel that this way it allowed for the designer to understand fully all of the clients needs when put on to paper and expressed within thumbnails to show the entail thought process and compare ideas.

Within my course I feel that it is fully expressed that the full design process is completely crucial part of the project and really helps the client and designer relationship. I have always enjoyed putting pen to paper and this works for me. Whether that means scribbling down notes whilst on the phone or writing down lists to remind me what to get whilst shopping, I find this process the most reliable and relatable when in any environment.

I feel that having quite traditional based teachers throughout all of my school years has allowed me to really appreciate the traditional techniques that we don’t see as much today throughout the technological world. Being able to express myself through the use of paint, old and pastels has really taught me about the use of time management and how long it really can take to create perfection, which I crave for.


After admiring artist after researching throughout my years studying the arts I have always been quite heavily influenced by the more traditional art. I find that this still heavily inspires me today. When creating a piece of work I always try and incorporate a traditional technique whether thats a drawing scanned in by hand or a style in which was used within a specific time frame of the past. This has always allowed me to gain more depth within my work and has greatly shaped my style as a designer.


I feel that adding both the technical area of design with the use of traditional techniques creates a beautiful juxtaposition and shows a difference when put next to other work. The style that I particularly like at the moment is a mash up of watercolour, calligraphy and the digital use of photoshop and illustrator. I think this really shows the traditional brush strokes and use of colour within the image that allows to be perfected by the photoshop and illustrator techniques.




|Dare London- Work Placement|



For the last two weeks i have been on work-placement to develop my skills further within the design industry and the jobs available within the design industry. i’m going to explain to an extent in detail what i have encountered and learnt on my journey within my first experience after first year.

I have spent the last two weeks completing a work placement within a top design agency in London. I have learnt and developed different techniques to take on and use within my own work within university.

Over the last two weeks I have been following many different experience planners on their journeys with different clients in order to see and learn the different sections and skills used to work with clients and develop the design process further within industry with large clientele.

When I first started my placement I had to sign multiple different contracts in order to not unleash any information about the clientele and the work in process for these brands. Although I am unable to go into detail what different work I have been completing within my time here I am able to give a brief description of what the tasks entailed and what I would be doing within a job as an experience planner.


I am going to explain an everyday within the work of an experience planner. Firstly the employees are expected to start at 9, because of the different options for transport and the commute into work within London that many employees are either early or slightly late to work however they all make up the time after hours or within their lunch break. This is a normal thing and the atmosphere within the agency is very calm and cool, there is never a boring vibe and the office is always filled with interesting intelligent conversation and inspiring music to keep the employees on track and happy.

‘ There is never a boring vibe ‘

The tasks that have been completed by the experience planning job role tend to work around the research behind the client, mainly to do with stakeholders within the company and how they influence decisions. It then turns to research to the competitors within the companies industry. Who’s doing what better? How?  This is all noted down and taken into consideration when meeting with clients to show what and how they can improve their company. Whether this being there website, packaging, advertising or just the way the company apply themselves. The experience planners then go into the different behavior principles, looking into the different behavioral aspects in which the company and customers portray and use day to day and note them down in order to portray them to the client.

Then the jobs turn to an experience cycle, this shows in detail how the process should be for that particular brands industry and how the experience planners are going to ensure and create this effect within the creative process. This is then all collected within a room and a file in order to show clients the full prospectus of their company and all the research done behind their brand.

I have found that the last two weeks I have learnt so much and applied the previous studies of psychology accurately within the design industry. I have particularly enjoyed working with the team within dare and found them all to be welcoming, kind and greatly informative when helping me and introducing me to the different aspects within the job role. I hope to do much more work experience within the company and possibly develop my skills in the field further as my time at university progresses.

Dare has been a wonderful agency to work for and I’m very grateful for the opportunity to work with such intelligent and inspiring creators within the industry.


Finding Work-Placement


As part of my development as a designer I have decided to go out and complete a series of work placements in order to develop my skills further and gain experience within the field.

Within my earlier visit to London at the beginning of the year we visited design agencies as a part of the timetable, the design agency that I mainly took a shinning to was Dare, I found that the calm yet collected atmosphere with a modern twist really appealed to me. Before coming to university I studied psychology for a year at a level and  I found the theory behind the design and why we react and consume the way we do, fascinating yet I didn’t know the available job opportunities for this influence within design. After our session within the agency and speaking to the head experience planner mark, this completely inspired me to look into the job role within the industry.

After our meeting I decided to email mark in order to ask whether it would be possible to look into completing a work placement within Dare as an experience planner, to see what the job role entailed and whether I would possibly enjoy this and consider the option as a future job prospect. When I received the reply I was overwhelmed with the fact I had been offered a phone interview two days later.


The phone interview was very informative and interesting as he gave me lots of information about the job role and asked me lots of questions about my background, what subjects i was inspired  by and why I had decided to look into experience planning as a job option.

After a week I was told that I would complete a two week-placement within dare and I don’t think I had ever been that happy. after a few emails back and fourth about the placement I was then introduced to two other experience planners, they were very interested in what i was doing at university and where i wanted to take my career path. this then lead to me going to London in order to meet with them for coffee to have a discussion about my time within Dare  and the task in which I will be completing within the agency.

The information I have been given leading up to my start at dare has been incredible, the detail in which the employees have given me information about my placement and the work in which I will be doing has been, I’m entirely grateful for. This lead up to my placement has been so nerve wrecking and exciting, as I am very much looking forward to starting my placement with the planners at Dare


|Leaving Student Accommodation|


As a main part of my time in first year living in halls, it was inevitable that the time to leave and pack my belongings was looming. This is a blog post all about looking for new accommodation and the hurdles along the way.

As a part of finishing my first year it was time to me move out of halls of residence and find myself a house for next year. This was at first a challenging task and I found the topic of moving out quite unnerving and I wasn’t happy with the large changes I was about to face. However when it came to it I found the process quite rewarding.

I started looking for my house for this upcoming academic year back in january, I had originally planned to move in with most of the flat mates I had been currently been living with. However when it came to our personalities and being realistic about the move we decided it was best to part ways and find new housemates to live with next year. At first I was quite worried as I wasn’t sure who I would be living with and whether moving in with new people again would set me back. I decided to sit down with my other flat mates that decided to stick together to figure out how we were going to go about selecting new flatmates to live with next year. Firstly we decided that a larger number than 4 and no more than 6 was the best amount for us when it came to the amount of flatmates we were happy to move in with. So we decided that both myself and my other two flat mates would each select a new person in order to move in with us.

At first this worked really well and after a days of speaking to course mates and team mates we decided on three other people in order to start looking for a house together. It took us two weeks to decide on a house that we all agreed on and that we were happy to go ahead and sign the contracts, and by February we had signed the contracts to our house for September. However after this process one of our new flatmates decided that they weren’t happy and opted out of the house leaving us one behind, we then had to find a replacement, which was as simple as asking a course mate which turns out to be the correct decision.This was then decided and our house is now ours as of September.

Moving out of halls for myself was different to how others had left, after a long process I managed to myself a work placement within a london design agency called This Is Dare. This meant that after finishing for the year I then had to relocate to london in order to complete the placement and gain the experience I need in order to get out within the design field. I therefore couldn’t take all of my belongs and meant that my belongings had to then move into a storage unit ready for me to move into the house in september.

‘I’m very lucky to have met such wonderful people and spending time getting to know them, it was a privilege to live with them.’

After renting out a storage unit and getting the space needed for my belongings to go into, the day that I finally finished first year I packed and moved all of my things into a storage unit ready to travel to london the next day. At first I had trouble getting ready for this, as  I don’t drive yet I had to rely on others to help me move my belongings, my first ride was unable to help me only 2 days before I had to have my things within the unit, so after this I decided to look upon my new flatmates for next year and with the help of one of them I managed to get everything to the unit.

Spending my first year in halls has definitely helped shape me as a person, it has allowed me to gain life skills and bond with others that I wouldn’t normally associate with. It has broadened my friendships and allowed me to converse with others that aren’t on my course. I have made friends for life from halls of residence and to any students looking into halls I recommend them, and if you’re within them and aren’t sure about it yet… they take adjusting to, but they are definitely worth it.

My flatmates for this year weren’t the type of people I was expecting to live with. We were all very different, of different ages and stages within our lives. However I am very lucky to have met such wonderful people and spending time to get to know them, it was a privilege to live with them. I hope to keep contact within the future and I wish those who I won’t see as much all the best with the future.


Living in Plas Gwyn Halls of residence was the best decision I have made in terms of accommodation and university.


|My First Year- Reflection|


After spending a year within Cardiff Metropolitan university, I have to say I have really enjoyed myself and the friends that I have met along the way are great.

real csad

The first year for myself started off quite slow, I found that the introduction for the course was quite long and coulee been shorter in order to get us straight into the main projects. However when I look back upon those past months I realise that they were there in order to get everyone to the same level and get everyone within the same place as well as bonding together to create friendships. I feel that this actually worked well, gaining many of friendships within the first term was worth it in order to gain a foundation within the design school.

The friends that I have met along the way have been amazing, they have really boosted my confidence as well as broadening my social skills and getting out and becoming more aware of what is around the cardiff as a city. This has then allowed me to apply these friendships within the course using group work to show that together we can make a good team and use our different skills and interests to create the best piece of work possible.

I feel that this has also allowed me to push myself in more areas within graphics, this has allowed me to become a more varied and accomplished designer.

I also feel that within the first year i have grown as a person. Moving to cardiff from plymouth has allowed me to gain much more independence. Not only within the living arrangements as cooking my own food and cleaning up after myself isn’t enough… noo.. I’ve also gained experience and confidence to travel on my own. Before coming to university, never in my right mind would ever feel that getting on a train to london would be a great idea and finding out the different places that I could gain experience.. However doing so has allowed me to develop much more within my social ways and gain experiences I could have only dreamed of this time last year.

With the confidence to complete the tasks I have achieved this year, I am excited to see what the next two years have in store for me and how I can develop not only as a designer but as a person too.

when everyone tells your first year at university will change you and your life changes i always thought it was wrong, how could it be? but it has. its completely changed me and i am so grateful for this first year.



|Our Summer Show|


At the end of the year we have a summer show in order to put our most recent piece of work on display to the public. This also gave us the opportunity to set up the show and do all of the preparation to create a clear and modern set for the work.


For the show we had to clear a large room space for the work to go into, by moving tables and chairs this allowed for a large space to start preparing the wall space.

After moving the furniture in order to clear the space we then started to paint the walls and tables white in order for the space to look as professional as possible to make the work stand out. As a class we took different areas of the room and prepared the room set for the placing process of the work itself.


After the paint was dry, we then took the boards and set them up in a table formation in order for the work to sit. This was simple to do and took 4 people, one on each corner of the board to be able to sit the table on to the stand. This worked well and when assembled properly it looked very effective

When the tables were assembled we then moved on to create the set up for our work. By taking coloured pieces of paper cut and positioned underneath our work we then took these papers and set them in place with double sided tape to keep the paper down and allow for an add of colour within the room and to draw the viewers in to the work itself. We then took and cut out our names in order to also assemble them to the coloured paper in order for the work to be easily identified within the room itself.

This stood out and within the room itself worked really well and was quite effective. I feel quite proud of the work that I have completed this year and the way i have altered not only as a designer but as a person too. The work that I have had put on display was my last editorial project. I found this to be my favourite piece of work and the end product was very rewarding.


I have particularly enjoyed this year and I loved going to see everyones work within the 1st and 3rd year degree show. I’m very excited and looking forward to starting back in September to increase my knowledge and develop more as a designer.