| UX Behavioural Principles |


Behavioural principles are how experience planners at Dare find out the different characteristics of a client and the customers within the public about the industry the client is within.

These principles a varied amount of characteristics that helps identify the type of audience within the client industry. These are very broad and can be applied to most different scenarios in order to be a useful set up for the full unit of experience planners working on different topics throughout the building.

After studying a year of psychology the behaviour principles are very similar and allowed me to apply my previous knowledge within the field. At first I found that they were hard to apply to the client that I was put on to work with, however when I then went on to look into the principles in more detail I found that they could be applied with certainty.

Here are the behavioural principles that I have used and looked into, I have put a definition also to allow for reference when coming to look into other projects:


Information grouped into familiar, manageable units is more easily understood and recalled.


People will conform to the actions of others under the assumption that those actions are reflective of the correct behaviour.


People respond to the way choice is presented. When people apply context to an option it becomes more desirable because they can rationalise it within their everyday lives.


We tend not to change an established behaviour (unless the incentive to change is compelling).


People find small nudges on their regular path to remind and motivate more actionable. Reminders assist as triggers to motivate behaviour.


People feel the need to reciprocate when they receive a gift – delight guests and they are likely to give back via reviews/repeat visits/social sharing.


People find too much choice overwhelming. At the point of making an important decision, the fewer options the easier it is to choose an outcome.


The disutility of giving up an object is greater than the utility associated with acquiring it.


Our brains are aroused by new and unexpected discoveries (within our normal routines).


People remember past experiences entirely on how they seemed at their peak (either pleasant or unpleasant).


People are more likely to engage in activities where achievements are recognised.


When teased with a small bit of interesting information people will always want to know more. Unexpected or unusual things will naturally arouse interest and intrigue.


Aesthetically pleasing designs are often perceived as being easier to use.


Humorous items are more easily remembered—and enjoyed!


We crave certainty and are more likely to take action if specific information is available.


People have a natural desire for the past.


People are generally motivated to do the right thing in public or amongst peers.


When the immediate need or benefit outweighs the deferred gratification.


Products of caring companies are seen as superior. Corporate social goodwill can elevate a company’s profits by improving consumers’ perceptions of its products, but only when it’s seen as genuine.


We place a greater value on products perceived as whole in shape.


We pay more when we can’t actually see the money.


Thinking about the past makes us pay more now.


We’re reluctant to pull out of something we’ve put effort into.


We tend to rely too heavily on the first piece of information seen.


We purchase faster if the task is started for us.


We’ve a greater recall of the unpleasant over the positive.


Uncompleted tasks stick in your mind more than completed ones.


After taking in this new information my aim is to apply this to my work and hopefully show my new knowledge to create a greater depth to my work. i also hope that by applying these attributes to my work that it could increase my confidence within UX and allow me to be able to apply it within a job format.










|Final A2 poster and Web Banner|


Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 13.39.20For my add on to my A2 poster I decided to create a web banner to also co-advertise my chosen quote for my future generations project. I started doing the web banner at the same time as the poster so that any changes that were made to one were made to the other in order to show proper amount of progress within the process of this design.

At first I decided to go with the blue and purple design keeping only to the imagery and the quote and keeping the banner as simple and straight to the point as possible to go with the metaphor of the A2 poster as well as not making it too over crowded and easily legible. However when looking at this for a while I found this wasn’t effective and looked too simple and the image wasn’t overly connecting with the typography that I had originally wanted.

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 13.42.02

I then decided that the best way to do this might be making the image larger and bringing the text slightly more to the right to give it a sense of direction when reading the banner itself. However when looking at this image again for too long it still wasn’t working and I felt that maybe the colour pallet was too dark and not adding enough interest. After again seeking guidance from a tutor I felt that the typography also wasn’t working and the italics weren’t really creating the desired affect of background noise, but giving it a more amateur feel to the overall design itself.

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 13.42.18

I then decided to take on board what my peers and tutor had said and to change the colour scheme and typography to create affect in a more interesting and dynamic way. I found that the imagery again had gone slightly pixelated and this was becoming a problem and this was a main part of the design itself. I decided to remove the image and add another in place in order to look ore professional and to change the italic typeface to the same as the poster to create a more united and corporate feel to the design itself.

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 13.39.20

I feel that overall the colour scheme and the imagery itself works better and connects better with the typography in this set up compared to any other. i feel this also adds a feel of unity between both the web banner and the a2 poster itself.

|Future Generation Poster|


for this project we had to create an a2 posters expressing how we feel that design will be taken within the future and how we think others will view design in the future. the a2 poster had to contain a quote that we felt stood out for ourselves to show how we feel and then a small body text confirming and explaining how we feel.

the quote that i decided to put forward and use within my work was ‘design is an expression of the purpose’ this stood out to me and i linked it back to the earlier combination in field. for our manifesto i said that design has a purpose and many people disagreed with me, i later explained that my reasoning behind it is that i believe that all design has a purpose and all art has a purpose, whether that be to create an emotion, to not create an emotion, to encourage you to buy or do something, to be used in every day life or just simply to be admired. everything has a purpose and i believe that in the future with will carry on and expand whether certain things aren’t even being used for their original purposes they are still being used as something. i believe that this is where the world is heading and that is why i believe that this works for myself.

firstly i started off creating thumbnails in order to see whether this quote could be effective in different ways. i firstly struggled with my positioning of the quote and where i felt that it suited best and creating imagery with the quote to create a more effective outcome and final piece. after speaking to a tutor i found that using a metaphorical image would be the best idea for my quote. to create something different and create a further deeper meaning behind my work itself. the imagery we looked at included a nail and a hammer and a dart board and dart. both of these using the metaphor straight to the point as the purpose.

after thumbnails i took a few designs to the computer to create visuals to see what colour schemes could work well and whether different typefaces could suit the outcome better than the ones i had originally thought. at first i decided to create a red duotone poster using the imagery of a hammer and nail but after looking at it for a while i grew to dislike it and found that it didn’t work as well as i had originally wanted. i then decided to create another using a dart board and the same colour scheme. i felt that this imagery worked better although i found it to be quite boring only having the red duotone and it didn’t stand out enough. i next decided to create another dart board design using a different image and different colour scheme however i didn’t feel that again this was effective and decided to ask a tutor for second opinion on how i could improve it and make it more visually appealing.


after gaining the feedback to add more colour  and to channel the middle dart board idea i decided to keep the missing letters in the quote so it is more easily legible. the design itself is easy to read however to someone whom is not that well educated within the arts may find this difficult to comprehend. i decided to move the quote to be more centred so that it was one of the main focus’ and was easily read at a different and more clearer size. i then created a difference within the text by creating the ‘is, an, of and the’ to an italic font to add a sense of fluidity to the next word in the quote, keeping the main words to a bold typeface to stand out and be noticed in more detail. i then decided to change the colour to a blue and purple, this colour scheme at first deemed quite effective and added a contrast to the power because of the white type however when shown to a tutor the italic typeface wasn’t really working and became quite boring and dull.

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 12.58.50


after gaining feedback within a presentation session before hand in i also realised that the imagery used was intact quite unsuccessful and was slightly pixelated when printed. the colour scheme when printed was also quite dark and didn’t print very well which gave it a more unfinished look. the body text with the corner was also too small. i decided to go back and change the before final hand in. i decided to create another image of a dart board and brighten up the colours more of the image. i then used a different typeface to replace the italics, i decided to use a thin regular typeface in order to counteract the larger typeface itself. i then made the body text larger so it was easily legible and created a smaller column in order for it to fit better together within the a2 poster itself.

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 13.08.10







|Expressive Typography Workshop|


For our expressive typography workshop we had to use different paint brushes and ink to create a typographic image or set out by listening to the words or quote given to us. We had to interpret the words to how we feel fits and illustrates the words into a visual form.

I found this difficult at first as I don’t like to rush with ink or paint as I like to have a more clean and close to perfect feel to my typographic work. However as we spent more time creating the expressive typography I found it easier to go through the process quicker and to create different out comes with different brush types and textures.

The quote that i decided to use for the second task was ‘design is an expression of the purpose’. I wanted to create something bold and unique without being tacky and cliche. I decided to use two different textured and sized brushes in order to have the main elements to the quote (design, expression and purpose) in bold thick textured lettering and the others in small and thin lettering to create a hierarchy and sense of importance throughout the visual representation itself.

Overall I particularly enjoyed this task, I feel that if we were able to have longer doing this that I could have started to develop my skills further in order to create more professional looking work within a short space of time. I feel that a lot of the time spent is on the computer within the course and I particularly enjoy using paint and ink as i find it quite relaxing. Using the more traditional techniques that we don’t see too much of today I feel is quite a valuable asset to have in the world of design to show how varied and versatile you are as an artist and designer.

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 16.24.46.png



|Duotone Image making Workshop|


Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 14.46.34For our image making workshop we had to create duo toned images using photographs of objects and hands. These objects may not correlate together but they can create different affects and interesting images when put together. The image above is a collection of my memory stick and a photograph of hands that I took over the weekend using a model. I decided to keep the colours quite similar together to create more of a light and shadow effect.

I then decided to create a different effect using different colours and and different opacities including a new image. I felt that this was quite interesting when layered together and gave an effect that the other image didn’t really have.Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 15.19.42

I then decided to change the opacity and colour scheme of the hands and the memory stick again to create a more simplistic version of the image above. In order to create a main focus and advertising the watch as the main interest of the poster itself.

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 15.19.29

I then changed the colour scheme again. I allowed for the opacity levels to be changed and having the same intentions of keeping the watch as the main focus I decided to give the watch an outline. As i did this there were small parts of the original image that hadn’t been deleted that I didn’t see that caused small texture points that weren’t aesthetically pleasing.

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 15.17.32

I then decided to go back to the original image to change the colour scheme and create an inverted duotone effect, this gave the image a totally different feel to it and I feel that it was quite effective.

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 14.43.03

I feel that this workshop allowed me to explore different aspects of photoshop that I hadn’t used before. I found this particularly interesting and would like to do more of these workshops in the future in order to be able to learn new techniques and apply them to my work to gain different effects and broaden my work within my portfolio.

Field (outside graphics)


2014getnakedmusicvideosfor a slightly longer task we were asked to further our manifestos within  our groups and to create a presentation for a proposal of our manifesto within the art school.

we decided to go for the gorilla girls reaction towards our proposal. we came up with the idea to create and mass produce leaflets, stickers, keepsake note cards and fully size placard for our manifesto in order to raise awareness about our manifesto. we wanted to create the idea of plastering our manifesto everywhere around the art school in order to provoke a response through the school itself.10654011_10208168675482201_784657462_n

our main aim with the manifesto was to get the whole art school talking and provoke a response whether it be good or bad arguing for or against our manifesto. we came up with a  hashtag (#nofaffen) where people could post on social media how they felt about the manifesto and what they would add or take away from it.

we decided through choice of advertisement to create small ways to gain a reaction like the bottom of coffee cups when people are drinking and on lockers, in lifts and upon tables. coffee cup idea

our group all had the same ideas of how we wanted to present the information and the reaction that we wished from the public itself. we found that it worked well when we created a test piece and put it in the lift of the canteen to see if people would take notice of this. after a few days we returned and the public had reacted and written upon the work itself in order to give there response. we felt that this test piece worked particularly well and on a larger scale would have a lot of other talking about it.

testpice1.Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 17.54.10






i really enjoyed working outside the graphic design classroom, it was difficult and at first i struggled to see the connection with this project and the work before. however i have defiantly gained new techniques, a different way of thinking and possibly new contacts to collaborate with in the future.

Field (outside graphics)


311288_N48_webviewFor our first small task of the day we were split into different groups, making sure there was a different person from each course within a group. In my group there was one fine artist, one product designer, one designer maker and one graphic designer. As a group i think we all felt comfortable and gelled really well together.

We were asked to choose a postcard from a pack of ten that we felt most related to us as a designer in our specific field and then to further choose one design that represented all of us as designers. The card that i chose was the story of flight. I found that this specifically related to graphic design, i felt that graphic designers always have a set destination, however there may be delays and slight detours that have to be made in order to arrive and that final point. Just like a graphic designer.


I felt in particular this is when i started to look at graphic design slightly differently and started to question the hidden depth behind my chosen subject area.

We then decided o the card that we felt represented us all as designers, the card that we collectively decided on was the butterflies, moths and other insects. We felt that all designers start of in cocoons and slowly grow and become more established and more technically able in order to flourish and become designers.

This then helped us with our next task set, we had to create a 5 point manifesto for us as designers within an art school and everyday life. we all sat down and discussed what was important to us as designers and what we felt was vital within our practices and see if they over crossed over.

our 5 manifesto was: 

  • Equality amongst the arts: we all all on different courses in my group yet to each other we are told that some courses are more valuable or more important than the other, we would like to show that all artists are equal o matter what and that we all hep each other and learn from one another.
  • Function is important: everything we do as designer has a function whether it is to advertise, to be in use as an object, as a painting in order to provoke an emotion, or a conversation or whether its there to not provoke anything at all, it still has function.
  • Randomness should be celebrated: as designers we are always told to go out of our comfort zone whether that is to use more colour within our work or to create something in a different material to the normal.
  • Limits do not exist: we are always told that there are somethings within i design that we cannot create, whether thats because the project is too large, or the material needed isn’t easily accessible. however we should still express and be go out of the box with some designs, for example: just because you cannot create a rocket ship because you don’t have the materials does not mean that you cannot design one and think about how it could be possible in the future.
  • Clear starting point with a vision of destination: with everything that we do within life and within art and design we all have a starting point to an exercise or a task that we would like to complete to get to a certain destination. we wanted to make it clear that its important not only the final piece but the process as well.


We were then asked to create our manifesto within a visual manner. We wee asked to create a cake manifesto to show the different steps within our manifesto itself. We decided to create a breakfast platter of cake, creating an egg cup cake, a bowl cake, a mug cake, and a plate cake. we decided that this portrayed our starting point of our manifesto. Breakfast is the starting point of the day with a clear destination of finishing and getting on with your day. We wanted to show the randomness through the breakfast platter, not having your cake in perhaps a more conventional way like normal. We also felt that this portrayed that the limits do not exist, you can create cake in any way. We wanted to show that even though the cake was different sizes we liked the idea that all of the cakes were made from the same mixture a d and the it was equal throughout the design.