My name is Abbie-Louise Small, I am a graphic communication student within Cardiff metropolitan university. I am originally from Plymouth, a small city in Devon united kingdom. I am an enthusiastic, innovative hard worker and for ever since i can remember have always been passionate about art, the history and the psychology behind the design.

Before moving to Cardiff, I studied with Plymouth college or art and design, completing a 2 year extended diploma within graphic design and illustration field. i feel that moving away from the school environment allowed me to develop not only as a designer but as a person. The process not only taught me how to use different materials and processes but taught me how to present myself, it helped me grow my confidence and allowed me to engage with my peers at a more social level. this lead to me finishing this qualification with full marks and helping me score a scholarship within my university as an academic excellence.

Within Cardiff Metropolitan University the Graphic Communication course entails:

Year One

Subject – A-Z of visual language – 2 x 30 credits

What does it mean to be a graphic communicator? Your first term challenges any preconceptions about the profession as you start to explore the words, images and formats that carry your messages – and develop the visual media skills you need to create them.

Field one: collaborate – 20 credits

Widen your horizons by joining students from other courses to collaborate on a project. You’ll take inspiration from other disciplines to build on your experience and expand your creativity – and use your skills and artistic insight to apply them to your work.

Constellation: concept – 40 credits  

This module introduces you to the wider world of ideas, theory and contextual studies to help you develop your academic research skills and critical thinking. You’ll focus on particular areas of interest in study groups and you’ll become familiar with the exciting trans-disciplinary research and expertise in Cardiff School of Art & Design.


Year Two

Subject – who’s the designer? – 40 credits

This module focuses on your professional development. You’ll examine your strengths and interests as a designer as you continue adding to your expertise and developing your practice – laying the foundations for your future career. You’ll understand the crucial relationship between client, designer and audience.

Field two: explore – 40 credits

You’ll expand your experiences with challenging projects designed to encourage you to explore and experiment outside your immediate discipline. This transformative opportunity leads to new thinking and innovation – and opens up all kinds of future possibilities. You’ll take on exciting projects that challenge you in new ways. You can also choose to travel, take a work placement, start your own business and put yourself out there with your own digital portfolio – your opportunity to craft your own design identity.

Constellation: critique – 40 credits  

By critiquing literature, journals and exhibitions, you’ll hone your ability to put your design practice into context. You’ll also have opportunities to interact with students and staff and delve deeper into your areas of interest.


Year Three

Subject – Exit strategy – 40 credits

This is the time to really concentrate on what you want to do once you graduate. You’ll work with mentors, tackle live briefs and enter competitions as you build on your skills and specialist interests.

Field three: consolidate – 40 credits

Your final term is dedicated to a major project and an exhibition of your work. This is where you draw together everything you’ve learned during the course and is the launch pad to your future career.

Constellation: contribution – 40 credits

Your practice is underpinned by your knowledge. Demonstrate your research and analysis skills in your final constellation submission, where you’ll explore ideas in both written and practical forms.

Due to wanting to gain more experience within the field, so I decided to look for work placements within design agencies.so far I have completed a two week work placement within This is Dare London, and gained experience within the strategic planning and graphic communication field. I am also looking to go back within summer 2017 and gain more experience there. I am always looking for new opportunities to work and gain experience within the field as this allows me to develop my knowledge and create a more diverse way of working.

For any more information, My new Projects, or any opportunities that you feel would be of any use please don’t hesitate to follow my blog here on WordPress, or contact me through my email address:

@ abbielouise964@gmail.com


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