Field Reflection Blog Post

Field, Level 5

For field we have been asked to go back through the last year and feedback on our thoughts and opinions of field within level 5. I have submitted 1500 words explaining field and how i feel that it has helped me as a designer within level 5.

Term 1:

Within Publish I felt that I had learnt a lot about the different ways in which I could create an interesting piece of editorial work. With the large project that we were given we were able to utilize all of the skills that we had been taught in the first few weeks and apply them to our own piece of editorial that we could create, so as long as the publication had purpose. I decided that for the final piece I wanted to create a large piece of editorial. I wanted to be able to show that I can use different techniques to create a full editorial that is interesting and unique. However, within the time frame we were given and alongside other projects we were given the project within quite a short space of time.


As the outcome that I wanted to create was quite full on I felt that the best way to complete this to a high standard would be to form a group to create the piece together. As a group of three we were able to separate and allocate the work out, this gave us more time to be able to change layouts and create something different to the normal editorial. The piece of editorial we decided to create was the graphic communication prospectus, we wanted to be able to ease the mind of new possible students who are looking to come to the university and study graphic design. We wanted a friendlier approach to the topic as we felt that this could really encourage people who are nervous or anxious, to apply.


At the time of submission, we felt that the images that we had used weren’t as good as we had hoped and that we could have created better high quality images if we had been given more time. Our aim before the project was finished was to be able to print using the different paper weights and styles to really show the thought process that we had undergone to create the work that we had originally wanted.


Although the project seemed to be within a short space of time we created a piece of work that we are all proud of and that we feel works well as a piece. If we had been given the time we could have made the changes above within the project. However, since completing the project and reflecting back we have made these changes within our work and created a piece of work that we all feel is worthy of being printed and used.


I really enjoyed taking publish as a topic, I felt that this topic has allowed me to progress within editorial and really understand the elements that go into place in order to create a piece that is a strong editorial. I feel that in the future of this topic terminology could be used further and pushing the boundaries of InDesign. As a graphic communication student taking this topic I found that this was a simplified version of the course as it wasn’t including terminology to the students and wasn’t overly pushing the boundaries of those whom had used the software before. However, I do feel that the course itself allowed for other students outside of graphic design could experience and understand the process in which we undertake within Graphics.

Term 2:

In the significance of information field group, I found that was immediately pushed out of my comfort zone, having never worked with infographics before, however it was apparent that the course would provide a challenging experience using your own strengths and abilities to create the best possible outcome for the project. I found that the course was extremely well laid out and that this was obvious as to where we were meant to be at what time. I felt that the course allowed us to explore new areas of design not only for other members of the school but also to the graphic communication course. It allowed us to research into infographic history and channel new and difficult subjects in which were normally off limits within the design work.  The guest speakers that also were arranged to talk to us allowed us to really understand where we can use infographics and how we can utilise them to create story lines and to instruct someone to do something.

Choosing my topic for the three-week project became extremely difficult when it couldn’t find a piece of work that I felt was narrow enough to take on as my topic. However, after plenty of research I knew that I wanted to create something different to everyone else’s editorials. I wanted to create something that would be different and unique. I decided to look into women’s rights specifically laws that were sexist against women. I wanted to create a piece of work that would be shocking and provoke a feeling. The work that I did create was 20 double sided learning cards that has infographics on one side of the card and the law on the other.

If I was able to do this project again I feel that I would have done another creative editorial, using different paper weights and ways of working to show the versatility within my work as well as my skill set.

I found this project however specifically useful as it challenged my adobe illustrator skills and made me think more about how the images could be perceived. The field project also allowed me to create a large project on its own. I am normally quite scared off when it comes to creating large projects within a short space of time on my own. I feel that I can worry too much about the work that I am creating and whether it is good enough for the project itself. However, after completing this project I feel that I have really grown as a designer and would not be afraid to take on more controversial topics within my work, execute the project alone.

I feel that if this topic was to run again that it could possibly give a barrier in to which you can choose a topic. With the specification being so broad it was hard to pick a topic and made the process of my design quite slow at first leaving me little time to execute the final piece. However,I really enjoyed this topic and it has really allowed me to develop my skills as a graphic communicator. It has made me understand the rules of simplicity and how it is key to differentiate what you are talking about without being too direct.

Overall reflection:

With field this year I feel that being able to choose the topics is a real game changer. I feel that because you can choose the topics that you want to study you are more likely to turn up to lecturers and want to apply the process of the learning to your work within subject. I projected what I have learnt from field straight on to my subject work this year. Taking two graphic communication courses has enabled me to expand my design knowledge and create a large amount of work that can be put within my portfolio.


The work that I have created this year compared to last year has been extremely influenced by what I have learnt in field. After the first year field project I was skeptical of what was to come within field this year as I was worried that it wouldn’t be worth it and that I wouldn’t use the work that I had produced. However, the way in which both of the field subjects that I took have been set out has allowed me to learn new and more interesting techniques that we have not covered within graphic communication so far and has allowed me to expand my knowledge.


The field groups within level 5 I have noticed are better where attendance is concerned, this made small group projects easier and we were able to see a significant amount of work difference from 1st to 2nd year. If I was to change anything from the layout of field this year it would be the first term.


I felt that first term was too much on top of other work, within graphic communication we had two projects on going alongside field, which made finishing the project to a high standard at first quite difficult. As in previous years the first term field is normally on going alone the lecturer for Publish was unaware of the timetable changes and therefore we had a lot more work than we had previously thought alongside a heavy branding project and a live brief. I feel that in the future of level 5 field one, it should be an alone subject meaning that this should be the only thing timetabled in like second term. This would mean that more could have been arranged such as workshops and guest speakers and we could have learnt other techniques that are used within the editorial sector.


Although first term was slightly rushed I feel that field 5 was a necessary part of the year and that this really did help provide new techniques and challenges that would have not been taught within my subject. I felt that the work that I created helped develop my portfolio and inspire me to take on more work as a designer. I look forward to field within third year and I hope the outcome of the work is the same quality as the work within this year. I am looking forward to see what the work next year has to offer.


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