Digital Me: Penguin Development

Level 5, Subject: Year 2

Since the hand in date for the penguin book cover competition i have decided to change the idea that i have submitted, before the final hand in date. I feel that since the submission date for penguin i have developed more Adobe Illustrator skills that will allow me to create more interesting and unique imagery. 

Outcome 1:

My progression with penguin has not been an easy ride as before Christmas with the first official date to view the work i felt that i was limited to original ideas and whether i felt that they would work well as an effective front cover. I didn’t feel as though the work that i had created before Christmas was worthy of submission and i wasn’t proud of the work that was in front of me.

Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 18.59.30

Some of the elements of this piece i really liked such as the blocked ‘O’s in cold blood and capote, I used this to indicate the bullet holes of the clutter family and the deaths within. However the execution of this cover is not working for a final piece and i knew that this had to change before submission.

Outcome 2:

I then went on to change the cover again, keeping with the same typeface, and coloured background but changing the imagery and the body text. After looking at this original design for a while i did like the concept of hidden metaphors and felt that this would be an idea in which i could develop more the submission. I decided that i liked the idea of keeping Truman Capote within the centre of the cover and decided that possibly using a side profile image that i could create on illustrator would be more appropriate showing that capote had two sides of him but would only allow one side to ever be seen. I also decided to add in the concept of the death of Perry, i did this by using yellow feathers to represent the yellow bird within Perry’s imagination. I felt that showing the feathers within this would portray the fact that Perry is dead along with the bird in his imagination.

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 13.48.24

This is the book cover in which i submitted to the penguin random house competition. I feel looking at this again now that this really doesn’t grasp the full concept of death and that the idea i had was originally too abstract for the competition. I feel that looking back on my thumbnail ideas for penguin that i should have gone with my gut instinct, which was to create something dark, dingey and little different.

Final Outcome:

For my final Piece I decided to go with my original gut instinct, i have create a piece of work that i am very proud of and that i feel works as a book cover and creates a professional look that grasps all of the points that penguin were looking for. I decided to encapsulate death within an image of a noose, keeping the imagery simple and line drawn by myself gave it a more authentic feel rather than using photography. I then also changed the typeface, i felt that the original typeface was too modern and didn’t work with the story line so i changed the typeface to a hand written typeface that together with a simple body text typeface trebuchet, it worked well together.

I also changed the colour scheme, i felt that even though i had originally said i didn’t want to do a red and black colour scheme i do understand why it is used within this specific context. However i still decided against using the read and carried on with the yellow from the feathers within the previous Cover.

Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 19.36.54

Now looking at this final piece i am happy with the outcome that i have created. I am sad that i didn’t produce this before submission date as i feel that this piece of work would have been a much better contender than the previous. However i am happy that i have created this cover and that it is a large improvement from the first initial idea and has shown progress, not only within my mental creativity but my software skills throughout this year.

Overall Reflection:

I have enjoyed this project as it has allowed me to challenge myself within the digital illustration sector where i normally would feel particularly uncomfortable, however i feel that i have made progress with this project and i am starting to see a development within my own personal style as a a graphic communicator. I feel that this project has allowed me be more creative as a designer and hasn’t kept me within a certain barrier which i felt has allowed me to have the development pattern that i have and to challenge myself within different software.

I look forward to completing this project again next year, hopefully looking at creating something stronger and more powerful as a creative piece that i have this year.


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