|Digital Me- Who Am I?|

Level 5, Subject: Year 2


For this project we have been asked to publish ourselves as designers, this includes creating an online portfolio of the work that we have created, as well as creative CV, PDF portfolio and PDF file documents ready for our final hand in.  

Who am i? 

Who am I, this a question that I have been frequently asking myself throughout this project.  I understand what type of person I am and how i would like to be considered within the design world, yet i know that who i am to friends and family and who i am to businesses and tutors is a different story. It isn’t that i change my entire persona but i understand the importance of professionalism and making a good impression

As a person in general I can come across in two different ways, i can either be quiet and quite conservative or loud and confident, both are ways in which i have been able to adapt within different settings but showing the differences within my personality is hard when branding myself as a designer.

As a designer I am direct and conceptual, a forward thinker, organised and able to complete to a high standard whatever is thrown at me. However as a myself i am still under construction. I grow as a person and as a designer everyday, i change and develop, make mistakes, have successes, I’m still learning and i think that needs to be addressed within this project. We are still growing, in fact i don’t think we actually ever stop, we are constantly progressing through life taking new challenges and this influences who we are.

Asking Who am i, is a question that can never really be answered, as a designer i am what people see me as, whether this is on paper, on screen, in person or through word of mouth.  these perceptions will all be different, they won’t be the same because i don’t just have one side to me, i am not a two dimensional character,  am a three dimensional, walking, talking person that has feelings, emotions, i cannot contain who i am into a typeface.

Over the last few months I feel that i have lost the certainty of who i am, which has also made this project extremely difficult when it comes to branding yourself. I am unaware of where i want to go after my degree and with the pressure of this project and branding myself ready to start employment after next year has really made this whole process become very real, very quickly. This itself has made me question myself and where i want this degree to take me… am I really a graphic designer? am i good enough for industry? where will i go?

It terrifies me that I have no certainty for after my degree and this project in particular has made me think about this a lot. 

I decided to take it upon myself to find myself again, I went home for the weekend and made plans with old friends that have known me for a very long time, i decided to ask them what words and how they felt that i am as a person.

This has helped me gain my confidence back and look into the future with a more positive light, the people that i have around me from back home and within university have helped me find myself over this project and really show me who i am as a person to the outside world.



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