|Digital- Me : Creative CV Workshop|


Today we have been given lecture on Creative CVs, creative cvs are crucial within the world of design, cvs should represent the person. 

A cv should represent the designer, showing their design aesthetic and design structure, allowing the employer to see their capabilities and the way in which they work. a cv should contain the qualifications, experience and an interesting paragraph that can entice an employer in – Are you Interesting?

When employers look at CV’s they are easily cancelled out by looking at the creative layout, errors within typography, such as spelling mistakes, punctuation errors.

Mini task:

Today we were given a mini task to analyse past CV’s from students a few years ago, we were asked to short list three of the cv’s from ten in order to show the good layout design and representation of the person themselves.

When looking through the cv’s it was clear that a few of them that were not carefully thought out and contained many spelling mistakes which let the cv’s down. However three stood out that had something different about them compared to others.

Good practice within CV’s:

  • good Hierarchy
  • simple and easily read
  • be interesting and show personality
  • simple use of colour
  • having clarity
  • a consistent layout
  • Keywords
  • Good choice of fonts
  • Attention to detail.
  • have a professional email

Bad practice within CV’s: 

  • don’t include GCSE’s or just state that you have them
  • don’t have too much information
  • don’t include too many different fonts or styles (italics, bold, regular)
  • don’t need to include that it is a cv, They know this.
  • more than one page
  • spelling mistakes and grammar errors
  • poorly designed logos

After analysing the CV’s it is clear to see what to include and not, i feel that keeping the CV as simple as possible could be the most effective way of engaging with a future employers.

CV Content: 

Should include: 

  • name
  • about me: achievements, motivations and interests
  • qualifications
  • experience (Can include jobs that you do part time?)
  • skills (Can work independently or as part of a team)
  • contactdetails

How to make it work?

when it comes to content, finding the right words is crucial, conveying the benefits and stressing accomplishments will really allow you to stand out within the crowd. the best words to use are action words. action words give a sense of participation, involvement and accomplishment.

Here are some examples:

  • achieved
  • implemented
  • organised
  • developed
  • negotiated
  • managed
  • persuaded
  • produced

How to make your cv more powerful:

Try and use accomplishments and examples in which you have achieved that could be useful, take pride in what you have done, be more powerful and focus on your levels of responsibilities. The main focal point is selling yourself, if you have done something don’t shy away from this.

Building an online portfolio:


This is an opportunity to showcase your ability within the field, the ability to problem solve and help potentially get a job within the future.the whole point is self promotion, making a brand for yourself and becoming more in touch with future employers.


The purpose of the site is to appeal to employers and clients and allow them to look at your work. This also has to appeal to you. If you are not happy within your work you may  not portray it within the same light as you should. Peers are also a main target audience, this allows you to show your capabilities to your colleagues and other designers.

be careful:

using images and the language that you use can interpret a different style that you might not wish for a client to think or feel about yourself. be concise and clean on each page, no waffle, no buzz words, clear and unambiguous.

  1. who am i and how did i get here?
  2. how can i help you?
  3. can you trust me?
  4. contact?


what a portfolio is not:

  • rant (dont incorporate problems, just have solutions
  • social media (be wary)
  • not an archive of your work
  • no experimental web design
  • not a place for under construction


What are things you should consider in terms of technology?

  • responsive
  • social media
  • journal/blog/latest news- make sure its up to date or remove it
  • over reliant on new technology innovation




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