|Digital Me – Briefing|


Today we were given a briefing about our last terms project, digital me. Digital me is all about focusing on us as designers and helping us utilise these skills in order to help us become employed after university- It is all about self promotion.


Within the briefing we were told what the Digital-me project would entail and what work we are being asked to produced for the end of the year. The project will be fully self-driven as the main focus of the tutors is getting the third years ready for their exhibition and the working world. The work that we have been asked to produce is all about the work that we have already created and developing these pieces to portfolio standard.

Within the hand in we are expected to hand in; three R&D PDF files of the persuasion project, penguin book project and the branding project; a PDF portfolio that can be sent to future employers and clients; an online portfolio; A creative CV and a cover email.  along with this blog this will be all of the components that i will be working on to have finish by the deadline.

All of the above is fed by content, essentially as long as i have created the work to a high standard originally then this will be quite a simple task in order to put it all into a PDF, although we can actually put in work that we have created ourselves within the last year. The aim is to refine the content of the work that you have created to your absolute finest work.

How do you get work placement?

I have already secured two work placements for summer 2017, I feel that sorting out these placements earlier has allowed me to be able to also bond with the employer over email and Skype, which haps me feel less anxious about starting within their company. When it comes to gaining a work placement it is crucial to find out what companies interest you, look into different aspects of design and where these companies are situated within the world and see whats best for you.

The next step then is to contact them, this can either be through email, telephone or letters, all of which are good means of communication that allow you to connect to a business. Another way of communicating with brands is social media- showing an interest within the business and engaging in the work that they create will create a lasting impression on the brand.

Communication is key when looking for a placement, this is the fundamental foundation to creating a relationship

  • find out what companies interest you, look into the different aspects of the design that you could go into and where they are situated.
  • you could contact them, emailing, telephone, letters ( these are all good means of communication that allow you to connect with a business) – another way that you could do this is by going through social media, connecting with a business on the work they create through social media allows you to portray yourself in a better light and shows that you are engaged with the brand.


Im looking forward to this project, being able to concentrate on the future and how i present myself as a designer is crucial to future development within the sector. Learning about the different ways in which we an do this is truly beneficial and will be a good way of finding whom we are.








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