Digital Me- Typeface and Identity

Level 5, Subject: Year 2

One of my main issues with this projects has been finding a typeface that incapsulates my personality and creates a sense of identity over my Website, CV, and Portfolio.

Choosing a typeface to represent me was hard, I found that I was torn between a simple and clean sans serif typeface ‘Avenir Light’ or ‘Playfair Display’. both of these typefaces represent each side of my personality which i found difficult to narrow down. Where i originally had the serif typeface ‘Playfair Display’ I found that it made my website look too formal and didn’t look like a design portfolio which made me question myself.

Tutorial With Neil Angove: 

Today i had a tutorial with Neil to discuss my progress within this project, one of the main things that Neil asked me was whether i felt that i had a particular house style and whether it fitted my personality. My reply to this question was very uncertain. I have many conflicting views about branding myself as a typeface.

I understand that this is what is asked of me and that i should complete this and allow it to correlate to the work that i have produced. However i also feel that the work in which i create does not represent me as a designer. Yes, the work that i have created is created by me but I don’t believe that the specific typeface i have used within a project defines me as a person. The work that i create is not to reflect me as a designer but is there to serve a purpose and be tailored to the client not to myself.

When i suggested this to Ian and Neil they felt as though if i can complete other projects using a serif typeface that could also reflect the professional side of the personality that i originally wanted to show that that would be acceptable. However when it came to delving further into this sector of the project i found that i wasn’t very found of the serif typeface and it wasn’t showing the rest of the personality that i also show. I felt that this needed to change and started to look into typefaces that were clear, clean yet simple sans serif fonts and whether i felt they were appropriate for what i wanted.

Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 18.22.46

I decided to go with this branding, a simple Avenir Light that worked well as the heading for all of my personal files. I feel that this typeface allows for versatility and structure to create my brand identity.


Why Abbie-Louise and not Abbie-Louise Small? 

I decided to use only my first name within my brand identity, my name is quite unique and is striking without being too in your face. I like the subtle use of the surname within my social media, mainly within my LinkedIn, I don’t feel that the surname is entirely necessary and would be too much for the brand identity itself.

What tone is Abbie-Louise?

I have decided to set a tone throughout my brand identity, mainly within my portfolio pdf, my cv and my website, i wanted them all to correlate and I’ve decided to go with a more playful and friendly vibe to my website. I don’t want to be non-relatable within my online presence and i believe that using a playful wit will also add personality into the brand identity without adding colour.

Colour Scheme: 

With my colour scheme i didn’t want anything too loud and felt that the best way to do this would be to keep it simple and just stick to the black and white. This has allowed me to have my work as the main focus throughout the online presence and not be looked over by a bright distracting colour or image.

Overall Reflection: 

I feel that this the typeface along with the colour theme and tone that i have used does replicate myself as a designer. i feel that this all tied in together will work really well as a set and is going to look professional with the right execution.



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