|Dissertation Proposal Reflection|

Constellation, Level 5

We have been asked to write a reflection post on our dissertation proposal this term and how we feel that we have developed as an academic writer and applied the skills that we have learnt over the last 2 years to our dissertation. 

When it comes to large pieces of academic writing I am the first person to run in the opposite direction. I enjoy writing and have done ever since i was younger but with academic writing i feel that i don’t have enough confidence within my writing to achieve the best of my capabilities. With this proposal i decided to start early, i started thinking, researching and reading before Christmas, i thought that that way then i would have long enough to get my head around my idea, the academic reading that i had to complete and the depth of work that had to be completed.

I started off with an idea that i had spoken to my work placement about, i was happy to be tailoring my dissertation to a business as i thought this would help me get noticed more within the design world and extend my knowledge further. However when it came to researching particularly into the topic given to me, i found this difficult. I had already learnt about this topic through work experience but i was afraid that my knowledge within it wasn’t as strong as it could be. i felt that this would have given me an unfair advantage when it came to writing the proposal.

After handing in my dissertation request form and had my first tutorial with Ashley Morgan i began to realise further that the topic i had chosen wasn’t suited to me and that i should delve into a subject that i deemed as interesting and something that i knew a fair amount about.

So i decided to look at social media, particularly the effect that it has upon luxury brand loyalty. Finding sources of information to look at actually became quite simple, plus having a meeting with Martha (librarian) allowed me to source information that is specific and more direct within the content matter. I feel that if i hadn’t have gone and spoken to Martha then i would have been stuck doing a simple search and not getting the full amount of information that have found. She was really welcoming and helpful which made me feel a lot more at ease with the proposal itself.

I started to piece together information on “post it notes” and put them int specific categories, this allowed me to break up the information to put within my Lit Review and make the piece flow together as one. I read a lot during this project, looking at different elements such as perception and the human eye, social media and marketing strategies, to brand loyalty and luxury brands. One of the most interesting topics that i looked into was marketing strategies such as mallows hierarchy of needs, Aristotle’s seven causes of human action and Aaker’s brand loyalty pyramid. I’m looking forward to analysing luxury brands against these strategies to see how each differ and work together to create luxury brand loyalty,

Relating social media to branding and marketing has allowed me to gain particular knowledge within the subject that I didn’t have before, it has increased my expectation of social media and allowed me to realise the importance of it within the digital age. In the 21st century all media is becoming digital and online, this has increased marketing values and allowed for many companies to grow to an extent of becoming viral. I feel that as a graphic designer it is important to know that most of the future design work will be more upon screens and online than within traditional media. Understanding that the online trend is here to stay and it is only ever developing and advancing is fundamental as a designer.

Academic writing is a lot more difficult that i was told and sometimes i question whether three pieces of academic writing is enough to put you through a dissertation. I am on an understanding that people pick up different skills within different time frames, but as a student that before university hasn’t written academically, and the extent of essay writing was in GCSE’s, which were in 2012 for me, i found that 3 essays is not enough to help learn academic writing.

I worried a lot within this proposal, I’m very hard on myself to create perfection which i know is near impossible and that i should be more realistic. However i feel that my end result is a piece of work that i am proud of, I spent a lot of time with the handbook, referencing guide and a template given by Ashley and over the course of 5 weeks i feel that i have made a lot of progress creating the outcome that i have. I have started to believe in my academic writing capabilities more and look forward to putting these new techniques to use when writing my dissertation.

Even though at first i was not feeling positive about my Proposal, overall i feel that constellation over the last two years as helped me develop as a designer as well as a writer. it has taught me to look at the world differently, and be able to hide further deeper meaning within my subject work, as well as explain it within my constellation work.  I am proud of the progress that i have made within constellation and how it has helped me my confidence begin to increase within myself as an academic writer and Graphic Designer.




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