|Persuasion Week Six- Reflection on the Project|

Level 5, Subject: Year 2

After every project we are asked to reflect on what we feel went well and what didn’t go well with the project. We are asked to be truly honest about the process, whether that was a reflection on group work, solo work or presentation skills. 

Working as a Group: 

Within this project i found working within a group particularly difficult, working with colleagues that don’t necessarily have the same work ethic as yourself can become tricky.   I am quite an organised person and i like to have work done before the deadline as to not cause worry and anxiety, that i normally get before deadlines.

Over the last few years i have found a way of working that i have been able to apply to all of the projects that i have been given, which is to work as much as you can and get the work done to the best of your ability and finish a week before deadline to establish any tweaks and changes that need to be made before printing for the deadline itself.

However when working within a group this doesn’t always occur, and some people work best under pressure (the night before), which i am unable to do. I found myself a lot within this project being the only person that was within the studio working nearly every day, even when not timetabled in. This became quite disheartening as i didn’t want the group to look bad in front of the client.

Luckily within client meetings my group were always present and was portrayed as a fully functioning group, which put me at ease within client meetings. A lot of the group work, mainly preparing for presentations was conducted by myself, most of my group weren’t fully present within these processes and made it hard to take in other peoples ideas when they weren’t be published.

Although my group wasn’t the best functioning group, i felt that the work that we presented to the client and and the presentations themselves worked really well and the client always seemed happy with the work that was being pitched.

Personal Work: 

The work that i have created for this project i am quite proud of, I feel that the quantity of work created in the time frame we were given was a good effort and that even though I created large amount of work it still looks professional and clean.

when it comes to making this piece ready for portfolio my aim is to change the packaging of the pack, i would like it to look for finished and clean. i would like to spend more time than i have creating the packaging and making it the same finish as the booklets.

When it came to printing i had the packaging printed at a different printers compared to the rest of the pack and this was nearly shown within the quality of the paper that the rest of the pack looked higher quality than the pack itself. This is one thing i would like to change before putting into my portfolio.

What have I learnt from this project: 

Overall, I feel that my role communicating with the client on a regular bases is crucial when working with a client. I feel that working with a client needs constant contact so that you are both working along the same lines and are delivering the outcomes that the client wants. I found that this was a particularly crucial part of this project and i now understand the importance of it.

Working with a client also allows you to use and gain more persuasive skills. talking to clients that know little about design allows you to be able to add your own subtle influences into the design as well as the design actions given to you by the client. I have found particularly working with this client that if you can justify your reasoning why you feel that this design choice works than they are more than happy to reason with you.

I enjoy presenting within client pitches, i feel that this helps me establish a relationship between myself as a designer and the client. Presenting to a client this time around has allowed for me to put forward the feedback from my last client pitch and be able to talk to the client without any aid from the visual on screen or from a script. I feel that gaining the experience working with a client allows you to gain more confidence within yourself as a designer and helps build up your portfolio in the long run.

Outcome Reflections

Three good points about my outcomes: 

  • The clients could see the running theme throughout my work yet could see the difference between each editorial and there hierarchy.
  • The clients enjoyed my idea of the packaging with the work that i had created, i particularly enjoyed creating the packaging and assembling the packaging together.
  • I feel that i successfully used my typography skills from last year and was able to create use of positive and negative space across my pages.

Three points that i could improve on my outcomes:

  • Changing and developing the packaging design could make the work look more professional, currently i feel that the packaging is too boring and that i could have spent more time developing a design for it.
  • After looking at other group members work i feel that i could have been more adventurous with different layouts and including the other colours within the guidelines.
  • I feel that i could have possibly changed the way in which i have designed my illustrations, i could have made them more unique and changed the thickness of the lines in order for them to and out and more prominent.

Presentation Reflection:

Three good points about the presentation: 

  • As a group our client presentation went well, we introduced ourselves to the rest of the room, to our colleagues, tutors and clients.
  • Even though we all presented on screen we had mockups of the work to physically show our client which worked well as she was able to hold and look through them throughout the presentation.
  • The presentation was clearly thought out and hit every point that we were asked to within the criteria, i even included contact email addresses onto the slides with our names on, this is so that the client may contact us at any point after to talk about our work.

Three things we could improve about our presentation:

  • I feel that some of the group members were not sure what they were going to say when presenting their work. i feel that we could have gone through it before hand to be able to cut out any unneeded information or rambling.
  • I feel that we could have introduced ourselves better than just myself introducing everyone within my group.
  • We had some issues actually getting the presentation onto the laptop, in the future i will make sure to do this before any presentation has begun and have no last minute changes by other members of my group.

Even though the group work became difficult i really enjoyed this project. I feel that the outcome made is suitable for portfolio and i have learnt a lot from this project. I hope to work within more close client briefs within the future. The Size of Wales, were great clients, they were always available to talk to us if we had any enquiries and were always positive and enthusiastic about the work we were creating.



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