|Persuasion Week Six- Client Pitch and Feedback|

Level 5, Subject: Year 2

Today we had our client pitch, our clients came in to view our presentations of our final outcomes and then give us feedback on the outcomes we have created. Today our client was ill so we had the size of wales director Claire and her colleague Hannah to view our work. 



Getting ready for our presentation was quite a quick turn around as there was three groups before us having presentations and using the boards that we were going to need to use and set up before our clients arrived.

As i had the presentation on the memory stick and also was the key member within my group that communicated with my client i found myself needing to be in two places at once when preparing to meet my client at the reception and trying to upload the presentation to the computer. None of my group members were late which made the process go slightly easier and we were able to distribute the work out over the five of us in order to get the boards and the table set up.

After trying to look for my client for a while around campus, we were then told that our client wouldn’t be present during the pitch and it would be Claire the director of The Size of Wales whom would be viewing our work. this made us all a little dissapointed as we had all worked closely with Aimee in order to get the results that she had wanted, however Claire was really supportive and gave us lots of enthusiasm throughout the pitch.

Client Pitch:

Within the client pitch I spoke the most throughout to give the overview of the entire project. This went well and as a group every one of my group members spoke about their own work within great detail to show why their own work fitted the criteria and how they have gone about solving the problem.

The client seemed pleased with how smooth the presentation went and how we worked together to show our individual outcomes, which was quite rewarding seeing how enthusiastic and positive she seemed about the work that we had all produced.


After the presentation we then guided our clients to our table with our work laid out and displayed on boards to show the work that we had created and the quality of the work too.

When it came to my feedback on my work there were very small tweaks that needed t be made in order for them to use it which they seemed positive about doing. The logo that we had been given was actually a slightly older logo having a less defined outline of wales on it rather than they new logo which we were not supplied.

The other tweak that needed to be made was the swear box page within the the fundraising ideas pack, within the illustration i added a word that had been stared out so that you wouldn’t be able to read it unless you knew what it was, however even though they liked the added touch they didn’t feel that it was overly suitable for the booklet itself which is easily changed on InDesign.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here are some images of my final pack, My client actually took the poster with her to show the rest of her team and left me unable to show the poster printed, however i have put the file into a mockup to show the final result.

Poster PSD Mockup

Overall i have found this project particularly enjoyable. Yes there were times were i found working in a group difficult, especially when people didn’t cooperate together. Although working within a client based project really allows you to focus on what is important, the client. This project has allowed me to focus on the specific needs of the client, being able to transfer that in my work and through the client pitch and i feel that this is particularly valuable when entering the world of design.


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