|Persuasion Week Six- Printing and Preparing Presentation|

Level 5, Subject: Year 2

This is the last week of the project and we have been asked as groups to get together all of our final outcomes and create a presentation that shows the outcomes and have something physical to show the client whether that be a printed mock up or an onscreen version. 

Presentation Preparation: 

Last week we were asked to get back into our briefing groups in order to create one presentation that contained all of our outcomes together, so that the presentations didn’t last too long and run over.  The aim the presentation is that each member of the group has 3 slides each to show off their work in any way they deemed fit, whether that is within a mock-up or plainly a screenshot of the work they had created.

After being given the talk by my tutor last week (21st of march) about how to structure the presentation and what to include, i then had to create a meeting for my group to explain to them what we had been asked to do, as none of my group members were present for this talk.

After trying twice to create a meeting for last week, and the presentation needing to be done by Wednesday (29th of march), i was starting to loose patience with my group, After having a compulsory tutorial with a tutor on Tuesday (28th of march) this was the only time in which i could get all of my group members in one room to discuss the first few slides of the presentation.

After great discussion we managed on setting the first few slides down and having the presentation up and running, the first few slides were to explain to my other colleagues and clients that were not working on our brief. we decided to introduce ourselves as a group on the first slide and then move on to our client and what we have been asked to do. The second slide was the most difficult to write as everyone within the group had interpreted the brief in a different way so we had to cover everyone when this slide occurred.

After speaking to my tutor about my groups cooperation within this project i decided to complete the presentation alone as as soon as the three first slides were done my group had vanished… I decided to take to our group chat asking for the 3 slides of their outcomes by Wednesday (29th of march) at 9pm, as i work within my part-time job till 8;30pm this will allow me to have all of the slides to put in together ready for the deadline. However this was not the case and even when i had finished work i had only received two members of my groups work out of 5 which was frustrating and made me anxious for our presentation.

The last member of my group sent me their work at 1;30am the day of the presentation with the clients which was unprofessional and caused great anxiety for myself. After discussion with my tutor about my anxiety about presenting after the group was so unorganised i decided to put the last persons work into the presentation in order to give them fair chance with the client pitch.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This is the final presentation that we gave of all of our outcomes to the client, I feel that it conveys the message well and shows all of the work we have put in to create the work.

Printing my Final Pieces: 

I decided that for the client pitch that i wasn’t going to hold back on trying to impress the clients with the work that i have created. i felt that the best way to do this would be to get  my work professionally printed in order to show my work properly.

Although i had a lot to print off i feel that it was successful with the printing, as i wanted to assemble my booklets i had to change the set up of my PDF files in order for them to get printed off.

I decided when it came to the printing that i would have the booklet printed onto double sided sheets and that i would trim and assemble the work myself, being able to take more care with the work and get more practice in within my editorial set ups.

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These are the final prints that are assembled and ready to show the client. The next step is the client meeting.


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