|Persuasion Week Five- All Editorials-A-Go|


For the last week we have been asked to mainly focus on our designs ready for our client presentation on Thursday 30th march. I have personally been focusing on getting my initial thumbnail sketches to become a reality on screen and create a corporate pack. 

For this post I have decided to put all of the outcomes in one post, I felt that this might be easier to navigate through and will allow you to see my thought process as they were designed. I have decided to break each bit down underneath a heading that explain what the part of the pack is, the purpose, the process and the outcome.

Fundraising Ideas Pack: 


For the fundraising ideas booklet I wanted to create something smaller than A5 that would easily fit into the pack that would be able to be passed around and inspire those within businesses to help fundraise money for the size of wales. going back to one of my previous blog posts i looked at different ways in which you can fundraise and the ways in which you could go about it whether thats separately , within a group or with children.


For the fundraising pack I started off mapping out different ways in which i could present this booklet in order for it to work as a set. I wanted this design however to include some illustrations of the activities that could take place. This will allow for a visual stimulus and therefore not need a lot of text alongside it.

I decided that i wanted the booklet to be a lot smaller than the average a5 size and therefore created just slightly smaller within a square formation. I decided to change the grid to a 4 column grid as this would be more suitable for the size and would be better to work with imagery.

the imagery itself i drew using illustrator, i wanted the images to be intricate and detailed without being too much that it wouldn’t match the theme of the booklets. Keeping with the original theme of primary green page on the left and white page on the white this allowed me to be quite experimental with the illustrations that i created using white and green.


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The idea of the illustrations is to looked hand drawn, quickly executed and not to look perfect, that way then it gives a more authentic and interesting look to the editorial without being too over powering. The illustrations work alongside text that i created myself that works alongside to help inform readers of the activity ideas and what they can do.

Fundraising ideas outcome:

As a set with the text and the illustrations i think they work really well alongside each other and create a fun look to the editorial without it disrupting the theme of the editorial pack.

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Go Green Day Poster


The purpose of the go green day poster is to raise awareness for go-green day, a day in which is organised by size of wales to raise money against deforestation across wales.  the original poster is quite simple and doesn’t give too much information away other than including the website address and the social media handles. I felt that as an advertisement there should be more information included to explain to people in more detail why they should go green for a day and donate.

I felt that a way of doing this would be to create a booklet that will explain go-green day in more detail and help reach a broader audience. this booklet could be left within offices of businesses and help stretch out further to other causes, as well as having a poster in which people could relate too and have around as a reminder.


For the poster I wanted to have some form of shocking imagery on the front of the poster, allowing for people to be able to relate and feel effected by this. From the get-go i have wanted to focus on a classic leaf shape, not having too much detail but having imagery appear from within. I felt that something to represent buildings and pollution could be an interesting concept.

When leaves die, they tend to change colour and rot from the inside out, normally causing holes within interesting patterns and this is the illusion that i wanted to create. I decided to draw up on illustrator a landscape skyline of buildings/factories and pollution coming out of the buildings. Creating the idea that by using the fuels and polluting the planet we are killing our wildlife and leading to deforestation.

leaf beetle damage1

I then created a generic leaf shape and began to infuse the two components together in order to create a simple yet effective piece of metaphoric imagery that works well as a set and creates a sense of persuasion within the advertisement.


For the rest of the poster i decided to use indesign in order to create the best layout possible. i decided on a four column layout as the text that needed to be used and was on the original poster that they wanted renewing was quite large and therefore needed a more restricting layout.

One of the main stand out points that is used throughout their website and other advertisements is a puzzle piece fitted together box formation. I felt that this could look really effective on the poster and use the leaf as if it was a sewn on patch onto the poster.  I decided to do these pieces as if they were on the website and take advantage of the darker colour within the colour pallet and brand guidelines.

GO-GREEN day Poster Outcome:

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 18.37.23

This is the final outcome of the GO-GREEN day poster, i feel that as a set this poster with the two editorials work well together and gain a sense of unity as a set.

GO-GREEN Day Information Booklet:


For the go-green day advertisement i felt that the information around the date should be informed in a more interesting way. currently the information is posed within a word document with large amounts of text. this makes the information hard to digest and at and A4 size document the information is less likely to be processed.

I felt as if the information needed to be taken down to the bare essentials and put into a more clear and concise manner to which would be easier on the eye. i also feel as if the information would be better off put within an A5 layout, this will easily go into the pack that will be made and the work together within the set.


The main process of this part of the project was to narrow the information needed for this editorial. within the original go-green day information pack there was a lot of unnecessary text that wasn’t needed within the new pack. i decided to cut it down to 5 different headings where the text was short and concise.

here are the five different sections:

  • about us
  • how to get involved
  • fundraising ideas
  • meet the team
  • online resources.

When it came to the layout design i decided to do it just like the become a partner pack, this way then there is a full theme going on and conveys the message in the most simplest way.

GO-GREEN Day Information Pack Outcome: 

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Packaging For the Pack:


for the packaging this is going to contain all of my editorials and the poster in one place so that this can be easily transported as a pack and could also be posted to companies in order to help them get involved.


for the packaging i decided to design this on illustrator, this took a while to figure out the sizing and the proportions for the design in order for it to come together and work as a whole. I created the net for the packaging in a panel formation as this was the most simplest way of creating it without it be over powering.

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 20.35.43.png

These are all of my outcomes, my next step is to send them to print and assemble them all ready for the client presentation.


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