|Persuasion Week Four: The Client Meeting and Tutorial with Ian Weir|


Today we had our first meeting with our client Aimee Parker for the size of wales. Aimee came into the studio to discuss our ideas for the brief that she sent us and to see the outcomes in which we would like to progress.

Setting up the board: 

Before the client meeting with Aimee i went and printed off the group work that i had put together in order to show the client. after printing i decided to trim down the edges of the document and set up our board ready for our meeting. however none f my group had arrived and i was putting the presentation together on my own which was a little disheartening before the client meeting.

Preparing for the client meeting: 

when my everyone was together 20 minutes before the client was due, we decided to talk through as a group and discuss whether we had any questions that we wanted to ask the client before we progressed any further with the project. we decided on four questions that we wanted to ask the client to ensure that we had all of the information ready.

The Questions: 

  • what information will be included/what are you showing clients already?
  • is facts and figures more important than them becoming a partner?
  • what imagery can we use( illustration/photography?)
  • can we use hand written typefaces?

When we had all of the questions that we wanted to ask written down i then proceeded to collect our client from the reception area of the university. Our client Aimee Parker was with her co-worker claire (the head director of the size of wales) who would also be looking at the work we had to show. they both were very welcoming with their enthusiasm with working with us as students and helping to gain more knowledge into what we do as graphic designers.

The client meeting: 

Within the client meeting itself we discussed the brief and the expected outcome from the brief. as a group we had all interpreted the brief completely differently from each other however when my client said that she wanted a corporate pack i was particularly happy that i had interpreted the information given to me correctly.

When presenting the work that we had done on war i was the person in my group to mainly talk about why we had been given the project alongside the client brief and why we felt that the two correlated together to help each other. My client was politely interested but i don’t believe she was too interested in what we had researched on war and was mainly intrigued by the war we had created for her brief.

we decided to go around the table to each discuss our ideas one at a time to express why our ideas were the best for the outcome and what we wanted to created. we then were given feedback from the client again within a rotation in order to be able to help progress further and gain constructive criticism on the work we had already created.

The Feedback: 

The feedback that we were given from this meeting is that we all had good strong ideas that the client liked however she felt that all of them together would have been effective as a pack. however due to the time restraint and the marking criteria of solo working projects this was unable to be done and the outcomes that we create have to be done separately.

My personal feedback was that she liked the idea that all of the information was contained in a pack that would allow to be easily transported and would be easily digestible to a business. one of the parts that Aimee wasn’t sure about was the fundraising diary, a way in which to write down ideas as well as having them within the booklet. Aimee proceeded to say about how this could turn into a fundraising ideas book which would help businesses fundraise and donate fundings.

Answers to our Questions: 

One of the main questions that we needed answering within the meeting is what we had to include into the pack, even though i had proceeded to ask throughout my emails we still didn’t know what we had to include in our final outcome which made designing without the information particularly difficult. however when asking the client about this the information had already been provided to us through our tutor whom had forgotten to pass through the document which gave us a slight unfair advantage but allowed us to think more when it came to designing the outcome. This document has now been emailed and passed on to my entire group.

when it comes to imagery and typefaces we can only use the ones in which we were given within the brand guidelines. this allows for a continuous theme and creates an established brand identity that works throughout.

after the client meeting: 

after the client meeting i proceeded to take down the presentation that we had created on our board and say farewell to our client. throughout this project i have been the communicator to our client for the group so i have established a relationship with her more than the rest of the group in order to gain more information on the project too.

My Next step: 

after the feedback given from the client my next step is to take the feedback and apply them to my designs and follow the design process through too start my final outcome on to adobe software. i feel that the most appropriate software to carry out this project would be InDesign, this will allow my editorial to have different layouts and create a more polished look.

Tutorial with Ian Weir

Thursday 16th March:

Today we had compulsory tutorial appointments with Ian weir to discuss the client meeting, how we felt it went, our ideas that we have and what we plan to do from here.

for our tutorial today we were put into the brief groups that we have been in throughout the project. only myself and one other group member as present to the tutorial to talk to Ian about our progress and how we thought it went. being one of the two members there this allowed me to express my concern for the project and how working within the group i have been put could hinder the way in which my work is presented and digested by the client.

Ian reassured me that the group work was only for the start of the project and that the marking of the project and the process of making would be completed singularly so there wouldn’t be any problems leading up to the client pitch.

after showing Ian my work that i had previously shown my client within our meeting, i went on to how I’m going to proceed into the process of designing. After reading the information that i have been given by my client i have decided to break up their document into three different editorial pieces, a poster and packaging to contain it all. which within the time frame i have been given to create this is ambitious but will make it work. the feedback that i was given by Ian was that i was on the right path and to continue with the process in order to show something visual by our next tutorial next Tuesday.

My Next Step: 

Taking into consideration all of the feedback i have been given this week my aim to create a draft on indesign for our tutorial next Tuesday to show layout and imagery ideas of the first editorial in order to tailor them to each other to create a set pack.


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