|Persuasion Week Three- Tutorial and Progress|

Level 5, Subject: Year 2

Since our tutorial with Neil we decided to focus on the task at hand and create thumbnail sketches and ideas for the client ready for our next tutorial. Since our last tutorial we have had discussions with our client in order to see the target area and main audience in which we will be addressing with the products that we are making. 

As a group after the tutorial we decided to sit down and mock up an email to the client. Throughout the project i have been the main communicator with the client, sourcing all of our information such as the brand guidelines and any other information that we could possibly need.

We decided that we needed to ask our client a few questions based upon the information that we source after our tutorial with Neil. Neil suggested that we looked into the type of businesses that the client works with, the average consumer within these businesses and the businesses themselves. By doing this we felt that we could then start to tailor our work to the clients needs.

The information that we sourced from the client is that the businesses were of a variety of different genres and that the outcome really had to appeal to everyone from different backgrounds. I decided that from this the thumbnail designs that I will make will be simple and clear, keeping it so that the information will be easily read as well as visually stimulating.

After great amounts of trying we still haven’t received the information that will appear within the outcome, in order to design around. So our initial ideas are purely based off of what we feel might be the solution to their problem.

As a group we all have different ideas of how we have interpreted the brief, I personally understand the the client would like a pack to hand out at corporate business meetings in order to get them to become a partner in their business. This is what I have decided to base my ideas off of. I have started sketching up ideas of how I can present my outcome, ready for our client meeting next week. I have broken the information that we have been given down into a small pack format in order to see all of the information separately and be more digestible when reading.

I have three main ideas that I feel will work well within the client pack, which i have included in each of my thumbnails. The first part of the pack being the packaging, this will enclose all of the information together and creates use for itself afterwards if needed. I then felt that having a small booklet inside of fundraising ideas would be a good way in which to encourage businesses and staff members to get involved and make a change by having ideas out there ready for them. My third idea is to have the corporate information booklet, having the information about becoming a partner and the charity information itself into an easy reading, simple yet aesthetically pleasing layout.

When it comes to the thumbnail designs that I have created they are simple sketches to purely show my idea process to my tutor and create an understanding with my group members of what the work is that we will be producing.


Tutorial with Wendy: 9th March

Today we had a group tutorial with Wendy Keay-bright, to show our thumbnail ideas and the process we have made since our last tutorial. Everyone but one person out of my group was present for the tutorial allowing us to see the thought process and ideas of my peers. As a group looking at the same brief our interpretations of the brief were still quite distant from each other, members of the group looking into social media and animation that wasn’t particularly asked for by the client threw the tutorial off course slightly. However this did allow us to see the potential within each others work.

The feedback that I was personally given by Wendy was constructive and has allowed me to look deeper into the my pack further. one of the main aspects of the feedback was to create/tailor the packs to each of the businesses that we would be working with. whether that would be a calendar insert into the pack with theirs and the clients logo together, or whether that be a specific object, an example that we both agreed upon was a retailers, looking into the use of the over hanger information that allows the customer of the brand and the brand itself to make people aware further.

I like this idea as this allows for me to look into the different ways in which I can tailor and make my outcomes more personal and intricate as a designer. However I don’t think that this would be overly successful within this brief as a I feel that the businesses targeted are too broad to be able to tailor to each one. Although within our client meeting next week I will approach the subject to see how my client reacts and how she feels about it.







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