|Persuasion Week Two- Tutorial|

Level 5, Subject: Year 2

Today we were allocated a tutor as a group to have a tutorial abut the work that we have completed so far, the research we have conducted and our thought process throughout the last week and a half. 

Today we had a tutorial with Neil Angove, when i first came into the tutorial i was expecting to talk about the process i have taken and the way in which we were going about targeting the brief. However when i sat down and we began talking, this was not the case.

The tutorial was more about the problem and how the people are currently reacting to this issue. I particularly enjoyed this tutorial as it pushed me to think further than the obvious. The obvious being that people just don’t care. 

Neil helped explain the attributes that were similar between both War and the Size of Wales tackling climate change. both of these are human conflict, fighting for dominance, land grabbing and fighting for change. This effects people both in similar ways, by destroying life, the land and the community.

The main question that was asked of us is ‘How do we wake up people?’ ‘How do we create a lasting effect on people?’ and the way that they look at an advertisement. I really enjoyed how Neil posed these questions in order to help us think more than the normal process. it allowed us to think of the ambient- thinking of the atmosphere and the environment in which these experiences occur to create that last impression.

When it comes to creating an impression we as people/the audience tend to mainly recall negative message that are proposed to us more than positive. Within a short amount of time we are able to process this negative message and it is more likely to stick with us rather than a positive. Infact it takes 15 minutes for a positive message to stick. This is why most advertisements use negative imagery in order to capture the eye and create a lasting impression.

An example of this is abuse. whether this is towards a child or a specific person, the imagery used within these campaigns are normally quite graphic, this allows for empathy to occur. Empathy allows us to connect with a subject on a more personal level and allows us to create a relationship deeper than the cause itself due to the imagery used. We as people are naturally more inclined to have empathy towards a child in danger, or having an illness etc, this is because children are deemed as weak, fragile, and not fully developed or aware.

My next step: 

My next step is to look into the people we are designing for, Who are the people? Where are they? what environment are they in? i am going to look at the ambient and look at the atmospheric- The experience in which a consumer will take.


I particularly enjoyed this lecture, it pushed me further as a designer to look at the full process and the full thought that goes behind the design itself. It has shown me that design within the future involves a much bigger skill set than originally thought and that the thought behind the design is much more crucial than given credit for.



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