|Persuasion Week one- Twice The Size of Wales|

Level 5, Subject: Year 2

For persuasion we have been put into groups i order to complete a live brief within the next 6 weeks, The project entails and research study as a group and an individual creative process in order to pitch to the client. 

Today we had a meeting with Wendy Keay-Bright, we discussed the work that we have created so far and the way in which we have each interpreted the brief in different ways. Wendy explained the how the two projects collide together to help one another progress.

At first i was unaware of the reasoning behind the two projects together, i understood of course the live brief and how this section of the brief would work, however i don’t understand the reasoning behind the War research project. i felt that at first this was irrelevant to the live brief itself and it didn’t make sense to why they would work together.

However Wendy went on to explain how the research for this project could allow us to see the use of imagery and typography and the way in which War is presented within the media could help effect the way in which we design for the size of wales. this helped lead on to the fact that the size of wales is competing across the boarder with a lot of campaigns in order to raise money.We are saturated with all the messages we are told whether that is in person (as an opinion) or within an email or advert. The main focus is looking at what is distinct within this message that intrigues us and wants us to look into. what is the deeper meaning behind it all?


I found wends tutorial very useful it allowed me to think about the different things that i needed to research, such as fundraising ideas, to look into the company in more detail. My aim is to email my client in order to arrange a meeting to meet before our scheduled date so that we gain extra information on the business itself.


Researching so far: 

  • trying to create a scheme that for every child in wales, a tree in planted in Uganda.


  • looking into press to make sure its easy to use and efficient (seems quite straight forward and easy to use. more interactive and better quality than powerpoint)


  • Campaigns that are live at the moment (Ugandan run and go green day)

Fundraising ideas for children?

  • Dress up and dance- non uniform day
  • Talent Show- (charge for tickets)
  • Spelling Bee (climate change theme)
  • Summer Fair (cake sale, raffle)

Fundraising ideas for Adults?

  • give up social media for a day?
  • Learning a new skill (to juggle, dance, skateboarding?)
  • Ebay your things (donate money)
  • dont take the lift, take the stairs.

Activities to Raise Money:

  • summer sizzler (bbq)
  • 24 hours without?
  • Girls night in (what you would have spent on a night out donate)
  • Card games evening
  • Swear box
  • cycle to work
  • cake sale
  • Break a world record

My Ideas

  • a pull out pocket book with larger pages that fold out and create a tare out sheet that will act as the fundraising money collecting sheet. (has all of the information in the book as well as information that could shock and surprise businesses)- use imagery and shocking facts based on the work place. also informing them of ways in which they could help raise money.
  • a card pack, containing a booklet of fundraising sheets. (cards slot together in order to create a rainforest, together working to show a large sculpture, but also being able to work as a pack of cards that could be shown separately. (possible use of laser cutter)



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