|Persuasion- Brief and Understanding|

Level 5, Subject: Year 2

Today we were put into our allocated groups for our live brief projects, we were asked online to sign up to the project brief that we had wanted in order to complete to the highest of our ability over the next 6 weeks. 

Wednesday 22nd February: 

Today the choosing of the brief that we wanted went live on Moodle. Unfortunately i was at work and didn’t see the email to alert us about the sign-ups being live. When i was able to get online i found that my first 4 choices were actually all taken up and i decided to go with a brief i hadn’t overly looked into before the sign-ups.

Within the selection process we were given a choice of 10 briefs in order to pick one that appealed to us the most, and one where we felt we could utilise our knowledge and skills within the field.

the briefs that were on offer were:

  • Dementia Friends
  • Fair Trade Wales
  • Flood Awareness
  • Food Safety
  • Global Steps
  • Glofa Navigation
  • Radio Glamorgan
  • Size of Wales
  • Twice the size of Wales

When it came to choosing my brief i decided to look at which one i would be able to put the most effort in and that would create depth and difference to my portfolio. I found that after looking into the briefs more that Twice the Size of Wales would be the best option for me. It will allow me to put more work and time into my portfolio.


Thursday 23rd February: 

Today we were given another briefing on persuasion giving us a new perspective upon the subject project and allowing us to explore the different ways in which persuasion is used across all platforms.

Our lecture gave a presentation on the interesting and innovative ways in which persuasion is used within media in order to convey a message set by the business or client. The media that was shown within the briefing gave many ideas towards the live briefs we have been given and has allowed me to see how the technique and styles used within the media can be portrayed and presented within other areas of my work.

Group Meeting:

We were then allocated into our groups for this project, putting everyone that had signed up to the brief and making sure that we all were familiar with each other in preparation for the exercise we were about to be given for the next 6 weeks. we all spoke about how we have individually perceived the brief and how we are going to go through the process in order to create the final outcome.

When we were then put into our groups we were given another topic as a group in order to collect different ways in which that word is portrayed visually, whether that is within imagery (posters, brochures, banner, advertisements) and through film (animation, moving imagery, film). the word that my group was given was “War”.


When we sat down as a group and discussed the word war we thought of many different subtexts from that, we started looking at the most popular/spoken about wars, such as World War 1 and 2, The Cold War, The Golf War, Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan. We thought that  these would be the most well known there would have been a lot of information in which we could source upon them.

However we decided as a group to look at antiwar, this is a movement that has been happening since the late 1970’s early 80’s and there are lots of different communication elements that would be interesting and different compared to the standard advertisements.

Whats Next: 

  • As a group we are going to look into antiwar and the different types of communication elements that there is in order to show antiwar.
  • Individually looking at creating a creative brief in response to the brief given by the client.

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