|Making Up Things- Neil Hubbard|

Level 5, Subject: Year 2

Today we were given the amazing opportunity to be given a lecture by Neil Hubbard, Neil is a designer at Heatherwick design company, founded by Thomas Heatherwick himself in 1994 in order to bring craft, design, architecture and urban planning together in one single work space. 

The Background:

As a young adult Neil didn’t know where he wanted to go with his life and found himself only enjoying practical activities. He decided to enrol for a foundation art and design course in order to help channel his specialities within design. this however did not occur and after his design course found himself moving on to complete a degree at goldsmith University London, Where he studied design for 3 years. The topic was broad and he found himself amongst many people with different specialities, which allowed for many different topics to be covered.

After his degree a featured new artist, Thomas Heatherwick had started opening up his own studio and Neil was interested in working for him. After a while of deliberating Heatherwick offered him the job in order to join there small team of 15 designer. Today at Heatherwick studio there is over 215 people working for the prestigious company.


His work: 

Over the period of time that Neil has worked at Heatherwick there have been numerous f design projects that he has taken on and completed to an outstanding level.  A few of the projects that he has worked on consist of the millennium seed bank, the new London buses, a hospital and an infrastructure sculpture.


The brief is all the inspiration you need:

When it comes to finding inspiration and innovative ideas this will all mainly situate within the brief itself. The idea is to analyse the brief and find the new opportunity within, the brief supplies the problem and the solution.

An example of this happening within his work is when he was asked to redesign a university. when Hubbard went into the university the rooms mainly consisted of boxed rooms all sat behind long desks that allowed for all students to be facing the board and not communicate fully.

Hubbard seen this as an issue and began to explain how people work best when they are situated together as a group of people allowing discussion and content to be addressed across the table in order to share ideas and gain constructive feedback. This is a situation however that can only be solved using circular tables in order for pods of community.

Hubbard then decided that i order to create these spaces the rooms need to be like pods within a hive, being able to construct a learning environment that would allow for dialogue  and interaction. this then created the idea of the hive, as many pods were coming together to create the institute for learning.


“Not everything has to speak in volume, you can pace your project”


The Work Created:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


I found that the talk was inspiring, to be able to see what opportunities there are out there that don’t just consist of pen and paper, has allowed me to see what possibilities there re for me within the future.

The work that Heatherwick create is truly wonderful and the thought that has gone behind each project has really inspired me to put more thought and passion into my work.



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