|The Significance of Information Reflection|

Field, Level 5

In this blog post i am going to be reflecting upon the second term field group, The significance of information, by David Wrene. The last few weeks we have taken part in a number of small tasks and projects within the visualising information sector.

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Within this field group I found that there was a lot of space in order to explore and channel your best abilities to your advantage. Utilising your strengths and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, became quite quickly apparent within the first few lectures. When it came to picking a topic for the main 3 week brief I was worried. I wanted to create something that was current to the world around us.

I find that when I come up with ideas I normally delve into a broad topic which takes a lot of research in order to find the channel that i officially want to go down, so it was no surprise to me that my idea would change a few times and alter more as time went on. i knew that creating something around the women’s rights movement would be a strong area of research due to its high publicity after the current presidential elections in America .

I knew that the women’s rights movement on its own would be a huge topic to channel, and that I had to narrow down a particular sector that i wanted to focus upon. After looking into the women’s voting rights around the world i found that there wasn’t much to go by that was up to date and only one country still didn’t allow women to vote. from here i decided to look into what laws were mainly sexist towards women, as men within other cultures are deemed as superior i knew that there would be a large scope for me to look at. I decided to compile a list of 20 laws that would sufficiently show the sexist laws that are still current within the world.

My next step then was to source a way of presenting the information I had found, I knew that creating a set of posters would not be sufficient for myself within this project as I wanted to create something more physical and innovative compared to my other projects. I firstly looked into animation I wanted to keep a clear theme running through my ideas of a statement I was told by my lecturer ‘is this s**t still happening?’. This quote was in forefront of my mind throughout my entire project I wanted to create a shocking piece, something that allowed for an education to take place as well.

This is where I came up with the idea of educational flash cards. To have one side with a pictogram visually explaining the narrative of the law and on the other side typographic representation of the law. I think as a concept and design this worked well. This project really allowed me to push myself out of my comfort zone and really see what outcome I could create. I think having 20 cards front and back with the use of iconography and text worked well as a whole.

If I had more time I would like to have had them professionally printed and created the full packaging for the cards to go into. I am happy to have been given the opportunity to utilise and expand my knowledge within the significance of information and be given full rein in order to create an outcome that I wouldn’t have thought of previously. I have widened my understanding and knowledge, which I hope to utilise within my own practice.




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