|Information and the world- Final Outcome and Presentation|

Field, Level 5

For our main 3 week project, we have been asked to look at the world right now and take in information and present this information within an interesting and innovative manner. We have been given full rein on what topic we can choose and how we would like to present the information. 

Thursday 16th February:

Today was our presentation and final deadline for our work, I decided to print my work out as well as present it on screen in order to show how it would look if it was printed out properly and show a more physical version. I created the images as pdf and printed them out, cutting them with a scalpel on a cutting mat in order to get the most accurate finish.

I assembled both my cards and my booklet together using spray mount as I found that this would hold better than normal glue just for the presentation. the finish of the cards wasn’t overly what I want within my portfolio and if I can before the official hand in date I would like to also create packaging and get them professionally printed to show the full quality and final result in a better and more professional light.

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Within my presentation I expressed the process that i have been through in order to reach my final process. starting with my concept, With womens rights being brought to light due to the recent protests and arguements, fighting back against the new American President Donald Trump. I wanted to look at the ways in which sexism still affects the world and how we dont realise to what extent ludicrous laws and wrong doings are still present within the 21st century.

There are too many laws that make the world a harder place to live if you are a woman. All over the globe women are challenged everyday due to their gender,  from china where a woman is not allowed to carry out any strainuous activity within labour jobs, to india where martital rape is still legal if the wife is above age. Women are still in danger and fighting for their fundamental human rights, therefore I want to make a shocking education pack in order to show the 20 most sexist laws around the world.

I then went onto explain about my journey through the concept and the project. I spoke about my development through the different ideas and they way in which I changed and developed my designs and my layouts in order to show how i got to my final outcome.  I feel that the process I took in order to get to the final piece was quite long winded as my idea changed a few times, however I feel that in the end the outcome was worth the work that was put in. 

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When it came to showing my final outcome I went ahead to explain that this isn’t how I want my final pieces to look at that they are printed prototypes in order to show how they would look. I went on to explain that my the reason behind my idea was to educate and inform people all over the world what they don’t know about laws all over the world and that sexism and inequality is still a struggle within the 21st century.

” Overall, i found that this project allowed me to be pushed out of my comfort zone and challenge myself fully in order to create an outcome that i wouldn’t have originally. I really enjoyed this project and would recommend it again for anyone wanting to expand their knowledge within information design.”




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