|Information and the world- Part 3|

Field, Level 5

For our main 3 week project, we have been asked to look at the world right now and take in information and present this information within an interesting and innovative manner. We have been given full rein on what topic we can choose and how we would like to present the information. 

After my tutorial my next step was to create my cards and my pack, I wanted to have the icons that represented the country and the action that cannot be done. I started to create the cards using illustrator, constructing them on a4 and breaking the page down into four a6 parts that allowed for the front and back of two cards. I wanted to show the city using flags as i felt that this would be easier to differentiate from country to country.

I decided that the front side of the card containing the visual narrative pictograms would be better having a white background and would look more professional and clean, then having the reverse of the card on a black background having only the outline of the law in white typography. As a back to back card this worked well and I decided to print off the first set with the initial pictograms on in order to show my tutor and see if he had any criticism and changes ready for presentation day on Thursday.

Tuesday 14th February:

Today I organised a five minute talk with my tutor to discuss my initial outcomes and how i could improve them before my deadline. Within my feedback we discussed that even though using the flags was a good idea to show the country, within the black and white colour it was harder to see what country it was, therefore we agreed to simplify the flags to typographic use of the countries name, allowing for an insight into the culture before looking at the other pictograms used.

We then discussed that the typography used on the back of the card and within the booklet made could have more work done on it in order to improve it to my standard shown within other pieces of work previous.

These were small changes that were simple to address, I decided to mainly focus my time on the typography, making sure that the type was set the same on each card and reflected the audience age group that I was looking towards. I want to tackle the 12-18 age group, this is one of the most influential times in a persons life and I want to educate and show that the fight for women’s rights, and equality is not just a thing of the past but i present issue that still occurs all across the globe.

‘*Next Step is Presentation and Final Handin’




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