|AfterLife-Gareth Strange|

Level 5, Subject: Year 2

Today we had an afterlife talk given to us by Gareth Strange from Brand 68, Gareth is a graphic designer with a passion for illustration, photography, and experimentation. Within todays presentation Gareth explained his experiences, his process and gave us advice ready for after university. 


In the beginning:

  • struggled to create perfection, (perfectionist) – helped embrace the imperfections
  • studied at the atrium cardiff (torn between fine art and graphics, but love of typography and imagery together swayed him)
  • first paid job was a disaster. (for a building company called dunrave, ‘you look like a graphic designer, but i don’t think you can walk the walk.’
  • sometimes projects go wrong (learn from it and deal with it as time goes on.
  • the importance on play ( just playing around with imagery, will help your process, show people what you can do without pressure.)
  • creative talks (looking at joining other people within industry.)

“its not perfect, it will continue to grow and i will learn.”

His First job:

Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 11.11.34.png

  • bluegg, cardiff bay,
  • the object is what you want to achieve- normally the same, and the subjective is how you take and interpret the brief.
  • worked at the bay for 7 years, waited for the right time to move on and leave for new challenges
  • design agencies don’t always tell you when you are improving or deserve more, know when to remove yourself from a situation in order to get a better start.

Moved to Brand 68,

  • were establishing their teams culture by creating there own touches to the studio and making it their own creative space.
  • the crossroads between should or must. (started his own business called john and jane.) – doing his own thing, without being shadowed by a boss



  • every project has a different process, different client, different time frame, plus you have your own way of working compared to others.
  • its not perfect, it will continue to grow and i will learn.
  • a solid brief, building relationships, gaining insight, present your work, follow up, cover yourself.
  • read these books: design is a job- mike monteiro
  • decide what you want to do: whether its illustration, typography, editorial, branding.
  • take on freelance paid opportunities
  • experiment with personal projects
  • there is no such thing as a shit project- its how you can turn it around, rewrite it and interpret it how you want.
  • make your mark- share your work, let others see what you have achieved, use instagram. its essentially a portfolio.
  • be positive, be cheeky, be original.
  • when you gradu

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