|Information and the World- Part 1|

Field, Level 5

For our main 3 week project, we have been asked to look at the world right now and take in information and present this information within an interesting and innovative manner. We have been given full rein on what topic we can choose and how we would like to present the information. 

For this project I struggled to understand that the project could be on anything. I found that this is such a broad scope that it became quite daunting a first in order to pick the right topic for me and something that I would be able to engage with on a professional level.

I picked a few different ideas in order to see whether I feel that they fit the bill and would work well. The idea I originally had was coffee distribution, I found that this was a topic where I knew there was a lot of information about it and wanted a large scope of information. however I felt that this wasn’t as challenging as it could be for me.

I decided that I wanted to look at a more current topic, something that was controversial and difficult. for this I decided to look at the trending topics on twitter. During the time in which I looked at this topic, Donald trump had just released about abortions within the united states. Women all over the world were talking about women’s rights and going out to protest against Trump. from here I decided that the best way to go about this was to start off with Women’s rights as a larger parent topic and work down from there. from there I also looked into domestic violence within relationships.


Tuesday 31st January:

Today within small groups we were asked to present the ideas that we have and where we would like to take the project further. Within the tutorial we looked through my small list of current issues happening within the world and decided to channel the women’s rights movement. I found that the topic itself was too broad and i felt like the coverage of this would be too much. therefore we channeled it down further as a group and decided to look into women’s voting rights. I found that tis topic had a lot of relevance within the current issues within the united states. Donald Trump portraying his little amount of respect to women and not taking any notice or advice from women, and taking away there rights with there own body leads me to wonder where and how far that this could go.

I decided to look upon the Women’s rights movement within the UK first, to gain knowledge of when it became legal for women to vote and the process it took to get to that point. The information i found was this:

  • 1832: Mary Smith presented the first women’s suffrage petition to Parliament
  • 1866: A women’s suffrage committee was formed in London
  • 1867: Lydia Becker founded the Manchester National Society for Women’s Suffrage
  • 1897: National Union of Women’s Suffrage Societies (NUWSS) was founded
  • 1903: Women’s Social and Political Union (WSPU) was formed by Emmeline Pankhurst and two of her daughters. Mrs Pankhurst was arrested, tried and imprisoned on a number of occasions over the next decade
  • 1907: Women’s Freedom League founded by Charlotte Despard and Teresa Billington-Grieg
  • 1909: Hunger strikes and force-feeding began
  • 1914: First World War begins and WSPU and NUWSS cease campaigning
  • 1918: Representation of the People Act passed allowing men over 21 and women over 30 to vote.
  • 1919: Nancy Astor is the first female MP to sit in the House of Commons
  • 1928: Representation of the People Act is amended and allows everyone over the age of 21 to vote
  • 1970: Equal Pay Act – men and women get the same wage for same job

After gathering the information I felt that the best way to go from here was to draw out small images in order to show them within the tutorial on Thursday as well as be able to show the information. I found drawing the images directly into a sketch book was the best idea to fully see the work out in front of me. I decided that the best way for me to show the data would be in a timeline format. this would allow for all of the information to be read properly and in order.


I am still unsure of how I would like to show the data, my original idea was to create a video/animation or a newspaper booklet to reflect the idea that its history and important.


Thursday 2nd February:

Today we had group tutorials again, this time round we are asked to present our findings and visual ideas onto paper/sketchbooks. We were then asked to present our ideas to our group in order to gain peer feedback. When it came to my turn to present i found that my idea could work well but it needs more scope.

My tutor liked the use of imagery with typography and found the use of the timeline worked efficiently. However he found that i needed to make a set decision on which way i want to angel the information. We spoke about the current feminist protests that have been taking place and i decided to make the information on a much broader area.

I have decided to look at where in the world women can’t vote and whether this is a much bigger problem than we originally thought. The way in which i want to portray the main focus of my project is “this shit is still happening?”. I would like a form of narrative to show that yes women have been given the right to vote in many countries especially the UK and because of that it all seems fine. However there are other countries that still don’t have the right. I want to look at these countries and see if there are any common laws, common ethnicities, religious views and show this through my work.

My next step: 

My next step is to decide whether to do it as a newspaper format or to carry out and use stop motion as a video. 



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