|After life: Matt Bonaccorsi|

Level 5, Subject: Year 2

Today we had an afterlife talk by Matt Bonaccorsi, matt is one of of lecturers at Cardiff metropolitan university, he is a product designer who mainly specialises within coin design.

Success what is that?

For Matt, success is being able to take on jobs for a reasonable amount of hours and enjoying the tasks that he is taking. He is an advocate for never being stressed. As a previous procrastinator Matt enjoys being challenged but doesn’t enjoy being stressed. He understands his limits and knows when it’s time to remove himself from the situation in order to return to the work.

“You learn more when the money is low, within the low you keep pushing and tend to want to learn and succeed more than when you have money.”

The history: 

As a child Matt was an avid procastinator and had slim to none motivation. When it came to leaving school he had little to show for his time and barely any qualifications. Matt specially excelled at art and particularly enjoyed the illustration side of the work. After deliberation Matt secured himself a position at the Grimsby art college where he first fell in love with metal work and silver smith work. Being one of the only silver smith education facilities on the east coast this really helped improve his confidence and drive within the subject and allowed for him to be pushed to new levels and experiment with different materials and techniques.

For Matt Grimsby college wasn’t close to his home town and therefore meant he was encouraged to travel to and from by train. Within the hours of school and the train journey, Matt learnt how to capture day to day life and the emotion and depth of the world by hand within the station. This allowed for pleanty of material for his portfolio when he applied for Loughborough art school. During his time in Loughborough this is where he met his wife.

“Keep your eyes open, you never know what may happen, or what may be around the corner.”

Advice Within the field: 

Matt gave us tips on how we can progress within the field not with technical advice using different digital equipment, but gave us a mental start up on how we should approach the field. matt believes that by unleashing himself and letting go more with his designs he found that he was able to abandon perfection and this helped for his work to progress further and gain a stronger portfolio of work to be able to start his own business working freelance.

His Work:

Matt mainly specialises within coin design, starting off with the more intricate designs made by pencil on paper and working it up that way, he has created some of the most outstanding coin designs i have seen. within his career matt has been able to design one of the most rarest two pound coins in history, the design was to represent the common wealth games in Manchester 2002. since then matt has been able to construct and build a computer to work for him so he can use both windows and apple software, and has advanced his skills within computer software in order to be able to to larger jobs in a shorter amount of time. the computer allows for the use of vectors so that hard work is all done, instead of having to tweak a small detail by redoing an image drawn by hand it is also easier for matt to make small amendments. Matt has also created licensed products for large companies such as doctor who, lord of the rings and also helped designing the medals for the 2012 olympics.


I found that this talk was specifically interesting, knowing that matt’s background wasn’t from graphics particularly intrigued me, and further more wanted to understand and be apart of his reveal. I feel that this also allowed me to understand the extents of crossing paths within the art and design field.



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