|Key Notes- Research, Research, Research|

Constellation, Level 5

Today we had a key notes lecture presented by Ashley Morgan. the lecture was all about research for our dissertation and how we can collect the information within different ways. Ashley defined what counts as research and backed up findings compared to those that are not. 


What is Research? 

research comes from the idea to discover meaning within more information. to find out more about a subject, or the way that a particular thing works, the manner in which certain phenomenon have occurred.

Research 1: The act of discovery: when you undertake a dissertation you need to research. 

  • act of examining, exploring, discovering and giving context to your ideas.
  • discovering what academic authors write: arguments, ideas, proposals, information, debates, background information.

Research 2: Contextual Research:

  • which research do you need to research into? (background information)
  • peer reviewed texts-what this means
  • look at met search peer reviewed.



Research is not: 

  • an examination of old texts
  • newspapers
  • random trawls of the internet
  • something you do quickly
  • asking your friends some information which you then use in the dissertation as evidence 
  • asking questions, or posting questionnaires on Facebook or other social media without ethical clearance or a research method. 


What is ethics:

  • most research-library based
  • some- face to face interaction (studying shops)


Ethical clearance:

  • the person might feel obliged to speak to you, about things they would not rather share and might feel coerced.
  • at the worst end of the scale you might cause harm to people. even if the people are known to you the questions seem innocuous, you still need clearance.
  • you need to keep hold of the information that you have been given, not share it with anyone else and then destroy it after you have used it, so that it cannot be used by anyone else, and most importantly, it cannot be used against the person in some way.

Research 3

  • ways in which the research of others impacts on your dissertation
  • forums basis of your lit review
  • gives you a backdrop from which you can write your ideas


  • read academic work in the area
  • keep thinking about your idea, how can other peoples research inform it?
  • met search/ googlescholar
  • use inter-library loan- the free systems where you can order in any books and papers that we do not hold.


I particularly find the key note lectures useful, I like attending them to get a full grips on what I am being asked to do for my dissertation. I found this lecture today specifically useful as even though we have been informed how to research for our essays in order to back them up, it was interesting to see what other facilities and networks were available to us in order to complete our research on a higher level.



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