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I decided to attend the google digital garage workshop, I felt that this would be an interesting opportunity for us to increase our knowledge within a greater depth of the opportunities available to us after graduation and what we can do to broaden our career paths.

  • improving your digital presence/telling your story online.
  • free tips and advice for starting your own business and developing your career.
  • g.co/cardiffgarage (for presentations and meetings with google employees)

The agenda for the evening was to cover the following topics in order to help inform and create stronger websites and personal buisnesses: 

  • build an optimised and customer friendly website
  • boost your social media presence and content
  • manage your presence on google

Buying online and why buisnesses should start supplying from online resources.

  • UK consumers particularly like buying online (77%) compared to japan (70%) Germany (64%), China (49%)  Italy (36%)
  • small businesses with a strong web presence, business growth x2, job creation x2
  • 51% of small businesses and charities have websites online
  • 21% of those provide anything more than basic company information


build optimised customer friendly website:

own website: full control, opportunity for advanced options, difficult to create and costly.

other web platforms: quick to set up, free or low cost, less control over customisation.

  • creating your website: domain name registration, url naming.
  • web hosting service: monthly maintenance fee

Best practice for building a website: 

  • clear purpose and goal
  • clean layout and navigation
  • strong call to action
  • fast page loading time
  • mobile first design.

Does your site shine across all devices? (testmysite.thinkwithgoogle.com)

mobile design for success:

  • prominent call to action
  • simple and clear navigation

Maintaining digital presence in other ways:

  • facebook
  • twitter
  • linkedin
  • youtube

UK consumers live on social:

  • 38 million active social media users
  • 1h 29m average daily use of social media via any device

start with your audience?

  • where are they?
  • what do they do?
  • who do they follow?
  • what are they doing?
  • how could you help?

Write an effective social media bio:

  • keep it relevant,
  • keep it clear and consistent,
  • show your personality and have fun.

The power of youtube: Creating great youtube content:

  • be a thought leader
  • create shareable content
  • identify potential collaborators
  • giving the power to watch what they want to watch
  • to have passion and personality
  • a series rather than a one off video
  • listen to your audience and take into consideration what they want
  • you’re only limited by your own imagination.

manage your online presence online:

  • google my business (google.co.uk/buisness)
  • free to set it up
  • claim your business listing

next steps: create google business.

second lecture:  research new customers online

  • optimise your presence on google search
  • gain consumer insights and find new customers
  • understand the benefit of advertising online

why search is so important?

  • before there was the yellow book/yellow pages

new consumer purchase journey:

  • stimulus- research- purchase -experience 

Search is at the heart of the purchase journey:

  • need/want
  • search
  • adverts
  • search
  • word of mouth
  • search
  • instore
  • search
  • promotion
  • search
  • purchase

help google find your website: g.co/seachconsole – test how google reads your site

optimising your mobile SEO

  • avoid uncommon mobile software
  • optimise your content to the screen
  • create easy clickable links
  • avoid pop-ups if possible

what are customers searching for? http://www.googletrends.com

google analytics: how you can find details about your audience.

  • who are my visitors? female, male, where from?
  • how did they find me?
  • what are they doing on my site?
  • what are they worth to me?

five set path to success for google analytics:

  • set up website
  • collect data
  • create goals
  • measure insights


understand the benefits of advertising online:

  • what is a search engine marketing? be seen by customers when they search online for products and services you offer.


plan your ppc, and search campaigns for success:

  • define your business goals
  • create your landing page and tracking
  • determine your budget


How to use the keywords and ad groups

  • 2 headlines (30 characters)
  • 2 display url paths (15 characters)
  • description text (80 characters)

how to write a great adwords ad:

  • why chose you?
  • details that sell
  • call to action
  • irresistible offer

create an engaging landing page: using CONVERTS

  • clear call to action
  • offer
  • narrow focus
  • very important atributes
  • effective headline
  • resolution savvy
  • tidy visuals
  • social proof

I found the google garage specifically useful, and has inspired me further to look into possible plans and opportunities available to me after graduation.


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