|The Visual Narrative|

Field, Level 5

Today we were given the task to create an infographic for an article given to us by our lecture in order to show the story within the article as well as making the image self reliant and convey all of the information within the article. 

What is visual storytelling? 

open book

Well….visual story telling is a way of telling a story through a visual metaphor. whether that is using images, video or other materials. as obvious as this might have come across the idea is to create a visual to tell a story whilst adding enough information to complete the narrative but without being too obvious. in groups of three we were asked to create a visual narrative using an article given to us, a story that no-one in the class would have read before. giving us all an equal playing field when making the visual.

After being given the brief we were put into groups in order to create the outcome with the article given to us by our lecturer. I was put into a group with two of my colleagues in which i have worked with before and knew that the work would be evened out and the work would be at a high standard. This made the project a lot easier as we all know how each other work.

The article we were given consisted of data about the wealth of the population and the decrease of the most richest people in the world compared to how much they were earning and consuming. I found this article particularly interesting as this allowed for us to have plenty of scope on the imagery without it being too obvious and allowed for innovative ideas to be progressed. The only problem with our idea was that we had only 2 hours to complete this brief and little material supplies in order to show a worth while presentation.

The idea we had was to create a 3d cake store in order to show that the 62 richest people in the world own the same amount as half of the worlds population (how greedy). We decided that the best way to present this and taking inspiration from one of the quotes within the article ‘we can’t afford to carry on giving the richest a bigger slice of the cake’. Using cake stands we thought would show the hierarchy and gain a sense of portion control within the infographics.

The main facts that we pulled out of the article was:

  • in 2010, the richest 388 people owned the same wealth as the poorest 50%
  • in 2014, the richest 80 people owned the same wealth as the poorest 50%
  • in 2015, the richest 62 people owned the same wealth as the poorest 50%
  • 1% of people own more wealth than the other 99% combined.

We decided that with our ambitious ideas we could attempt to make a cake shop/patisserie and create the ‘who ate all the pies?’ feel to our work in order to reflect the greed within the figures that we were presented with. Even though we were limited by the material we had to use, we still created an outcome that appeared to be 3d when looked at properly. We went ahead to cut out pie like shapes in order to create the concept that half the pie had been eaten by the richest and the rest is the 50% of the poorest population. We found that as a set of three pieces of data that these worked as good chunks of data across the front of the store we made. Then we decided with our largest piece of data that this should be the cake as this was where the metaphor within the article was really relevant to.

When it came to putting the data onto the imagery and the stands we had created out of card to show the full effect. We decided to make them as if they were within an actual shop. We printed labels to contain the data and we cut out thick board in order to create the stands for the cake which together worked really well and gave the effect that we were looking to portray.  we decided to use different colours and create the full effect that we had in mind to create the best possible outcome within the time given.

I feel that as a group we worked really well together in order to create the structure that we did to show our narrative. We allocated all of the jobs equally and took into consideration everyones thoughts on the process well throughout the full 2 hours and this was shown with our end result.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If we had more time we would have either liked to make this into a larger structure or created a stop motion video to show how the time scale changes and the richest people decrease in but increase with their wealth. I feel that this was hard to show with our outcome at the moment but I feel that within the future this is something that could be changed.




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