|Beautiful Systems Project|

Field, Level 5

We were given a week project within our field group to complete three different infographics to display the data we found within the researching hour we had last week. 

Each of us decided to create an info graphic each in order to show the data we collected earlier within the week. This was in order to create a set of information in an interesting and visually appealing way.


Taking different parts of the data we collected i have decided to create my info graphic on the different hair colours found around the social areas of the llandaf campus at Cardiff Metropolitan. we decided to take the data we had collected and visually represent the findings. i found that the best way to show the different hair colour quantities by using a hair strand to represent each person within a hair swatch format.


I wanted to show this by using the software skills that i have been gradually progressing with over the last few projects. I felt that using illustrator would also be better to visually represent the information, i decided to use certain colours in order to represent the hair colours within my design. i wanted to create the idea of hair swatches that would be found within a hairdressers or a salon. the use of hair within one place allows for each swatch to be a different social area in which the data was collected and could be represented with colour as well.

i wanted to make the hair as simple as possible without creating too much detail and making the information not as important as it should be.

Monday 23rd January

Today as a group our aim was to meet in the afternoon, to discuss the title and typeface choice as well as a colour scheme in order to create a set of three infographic posters that correlate together. we aimed to meet at 1;30 allowing for changes to our own work to be made before we met to make sure that we were all on the same page. however when it came to 1;30 my group hadn’t turnt up and i was worried about having unfinished work to present as a group. i felt that to get all of the work on the same level wouldn’t have been too difficult to do and wouldn’t have taken vey long so i decided to rearrange a group meeting for 9am on tuesday morning in order to get everything as a set.

Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 11.52.55.png

whilst waiting for my group i had created my final piece. making all of the colours and creating a more interesting and visually appealing background that allows for the colour system that i have used to be as vibrant and standing out compared to the other.

Tuesday 24th January 


Today we had our presentation within our groups to show our progress with infographics. the group meeting didn’t happen as my group members were not present before half 9 and therefore there was a rush to print and have the full set visualised as a set together. after fighting with the temperamental printer we managed to get one of the infographics printed. However mine wouldn’t print so i had to project mine onto the screen and present mine that way.

I enjoyed working as part of this group however i feel that with more cooperation on working as a team to make a set rather than purely working individually without much conversation would have been better. I found that trying to get the group to have separate meetings was a difficult process and in the future i will be more confident when asking for these meetings to be compulsory as this could have improved our work as a group.


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