|Branding Project- PDF’s and Review|

Level 5, Subject: Year 2

For the branding project we were asked to divide our work from the final touch points to the research and previous designs ready for hand in and review within class and for assement over the Christmas period. 

Screen Shot 2016-12-15 at 10.16.57.png

I decided to go through my previous blog posts and my sketch book in order to pick out all of the previous work that I have made for mixed kicks. I had to explain within the PDF the process that I took and how I got to my final touch points in order to get fully assessed on the full process made.

After looking at the work I made I decided to create a timeline of my work showing the process that I took in order to carry out the project. Firstly starting with the research, going into logo design and development, my first set of touch points within the initial Hand in PDF and the touch points within this Hand in.

I completed the PDF version through indesign, using the columns and the format to help me layout my work and present it to the highest quality possible. This allowed me to show the full extend of my design knowledge within putting together a large format booklet, keeping the typography and layout simple in order for it to be easily read and clearly spaced so that it is aesthetically pleasing.

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Final touch points PDF : 

For my final touch points PDF I decided to show the work as if it had been created specifically for the client not diving into too much depth about the company as this wouldn’t be necessary when speaking to the business owner themselves.

i tried making it so that the content showed all of the decisions that i made compared to my brief itself and how i wanted to show all of the brand qualities stated within the brief that i was originally given. i made my pdf using indesign making sure that i keep my knowledge with software visible throughout the file.


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Final Touchpoints PDF 

Friday 9th December:

Today we were asked to print of the file of our final touchpoint’s for the brand given to us by our client. we decided to print the document off in colour to show the full extent of the brand qualities and the colours used to get a real feel for the brand as a whole.


we were asked questions about the process by our lecturer about how the process went and whether we enjoyed the client/designer partnership throughout the project. we were then asked to evaluate and analyse another’s work in order to get peer feedback about how the project looked as a whole and from an outsiders point of view.


I found working for and with a client within this situation quite difficult, my client wasn’t very verbal and therefore this made the process quite difficult in order to create a full design set that fitted to what was wanted. my clients brief wasn’t easily and clearly set out and as a business plan, it wouldn’t have worked within the real world. this made the whole company hard to envision and didn’t seem to correlate together when taking into consideration the brand itself and the identity values. however i tried to overcome this by trying to create a company based upon the brand values given and going from there in order to take into consideration the geographical setting and the company idea itself.

i felt that i tried to take a positive approach to the brief, taking a brief that was so out of my comfort zone and trying to create something worthy of the client i felt to be more of a challenge than a project however i felt that with the process that i undertook to create the outcomes i have, i feel that the project went quite well considering the little input given by my client.

i felt that if my client had made more contact with myself that the project could have been more specific to the clients needs and create the small details in which they could have wanted. i feel also if my brief was more clear and consistent throughout this could have helped with the project as well.

if i was given this project again i would have approached the subject with a more open mind and created a better sense of what the client actually wanted rather than trying to create the best of my ability with the information i was given. i would go about setting up client meetings at the start of the project in order to create feedback sessions on what myself and my client thought about the process so far and the steps in which we could take in order to create the final outcome. i feel that in the future this would be the best way of creating what was actually wanted from the brief and creating something worthy of use.




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