|Publish Review|

Field, Level 5


Today we had our publish review. our lecturer asked us to print off a small copy of our work and write 300 words on our piece and what it was all about as well as putting a copy on the screen. 

Wednesday 7th

as a group we had our publish review tomorrow. showing the work that we have completed over the last term in order to be assessed over the Christmas break. we started off by printing the book this had some minor difficulties as when assembling the book itself the pages weren’t aligning properly and therefore had to be printed again. when we printed this the second time round and the whole booklet aligned properly we decided to print in colour in order to show the full extent of the work that we had made.

after printing in colour and assembling the front cover we decided to stick together back to back the inside pages just for presentation. this wouldn’t actually occur within the real prototype however for the being this worked as a good substitute. when then went to look at how we could bind the booklet ready for presentation and decided that the best way to do it for the mock up would be to blue the bind on using a strong adhesive. this worked well and took to the material quick and simple. we decided to hold this over night within bulldog clips and added pressure on top.

we then went on to right the 300 words about the project itself. one of my group members decided to write whilst myself and another were assembling the book itself. this was the 300 words written along with extracts from both myself and the writers blog:

We decided to make a Graphic Communication prospectus for the course, because we discovered that all though there is an existing prospectus for the whole of CSAD, there is not one specifically for our course. The idea is that the booklet can be handed out to upcoming potential student on University Open Days.

As students ourselves, we understand that the concept of looking for the right university and course for you, can be a daunting process. Here in Cardiff, we all feel that one of the main selling points here on the course is that, when entering the campus, then the CSAD building and the Graphic Communication studio space – the space itself has an extremely welcoming and comforting environment. On top of this, it is the people too that give off an equally friendly vibe, both the staff and students alike. Of course, this immediately puts students, and their parents too, at ease and gives them a sense of belonging. We wanted to show this through our prospectus booklet, so that the potential student reading it would really connect on a personal level with the course, without it being too formal or hard hitting.

For the journal’s actual content, we decided that the most important information to include was firstly, information on each year of the course (Level 4, Level 5 and Level 6), then also the course’s entry requirements and finally, portfolio tips, which would be great help for the upcoming student’s interviews. Our journal is very experimental, particularly with the cover pages in a range of different sizes, cut-out in the back, an interview with course leader, David Wrenne, and exciting quotes throughout – all of this acts as a fun way to break up the information to prevent it from getting too heavy.

after this and the booklet itself was ready to go we were then ready for our presentation. as a group this showed great team work, using one persons strengths as well as others within different areas. when it came to making the booklet itself the group as a whole worked really well helping to create new and innovative ideas as well as being critical within the group allowed for us to grow as designers and become more visually aware of any mistakes or issues had with the work that we had not encountered before hand.

Thursday 8th

today was the day of our presentation. we had to put our small printed booklet and 300 words on a desk behind the rest of our study group and put our pdf format document on to screen in order to show the full extent of our work online. our lecturer seemed to really understand our concept and enjoy the idea and use of information within the booklet itself.

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I felt that the project went well, i feel that as a project in general the topic was quite large and it would have been difficult to do as a solo project. however working within a group allowed for the tasks to be separated out equally and allow for the project to be done under the time allowance given.

The time we were given for the project was quite short due to other projects happening within the time frame. this allowed for us to balance the work and be able to use our time management skills in order to create the process used over the time cycle given. If we were given more time i feel that we would have been able to source our own images and collect more information in order to show the course within more detail and how the course actually is.

i feel that if we were given this project again and were given more time we could have put in more information and more visuals in order to create the final outcome in more detail. i also feel that we would use different paper and have the finished outcome professionally printed and bound in order to be used.


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