|Penguin Book Review|

Level 5, Subject: Year 2

Today we had the group review of our penguin book project so far, we had to explain within the group how we felt abut the design itself, why we decided on the elements and layout that we did and how we could improve for final submission.


Just a little pat on the back for the progress..

We were asked to create a mock up idea of the penguin book cover, i created the imagery yesterday showing the full extent of my intentions for the concept ready for presentation today. We were asked also to create a 100 word statement about the piece of work explaining the concept behind the imagery and typography that we had used to create the full effect.

We started off by going into the studio and putting up our a3 print and 100 words up on the board to be able to have discussion and feedback from my lecturer and my peers. We were asked to swap feedback sheets with one of our peers within the group and were presented with a group of questions in which we were asked to answer in order to create the feedback and bring to light any changes that they felt was necessary before the final submission.

My feedback for my project so far was quite good, explaining that the idea hadn’t been done before and therefore created a sense of individuality to the work. When i printed the piece of work i didn’t actually change the settings on the printer and therefore the sizing of my book cover was slightly larger than the official sizing. This was picked up within the feedback session and is something that i know is only a printing setting and i will keep this in mind for final submission.

Another piece of feedback i was given was to create shadows and more depth to my imagery. Not making it so flat and plain but to create a sense of life and personality to the imagery. Also changing the size of the type within the spine can be changed ready for submission, the authors name is too small and the book title is too larger, this can be changed quite easily and will be done ready for submission too.

The typography within the body text is within a certain typeface that allows for large character letters and therefore the spaces between the words are a lot larger too. This makes the typography as a whole look slightly crude and needs to be changed also before the submission hand in.

From here i hope to make all of the changes to my project so far that were stated above ready for submission. Hopefully this will create the better standard of work that is needed for penguin publishers. I feel that the design i have chosen to run with is very different to the rest of my class members and i hope this is the case with other submissions.



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