|Penguin Book Tutorial and Process|

Level 5, Subject: Year 2

Today i had a lecture with my tutor to discuss my process so far with the penguin book project, we spoke about my brief sketch up designs and where i wanted the project to go ready for Tuesday 6th of December for hand in. 


Remember this project is a secret…

Today i booked in to have a conversation with one of my lecturers about my penguin book cover and how far i have come since my last meeting. i decided to show my lecturer my concept and explain where i wanted to take the design. i felt that everyone would use photography and therefore wanted to stay clear of it in order to show originality and stand out within all of the covers. this was praised by my lecturers as it portrayed that i had done my research and evaluated briefly what the rest of my peers would be creating within this time period.

Due to only having a short period of time to create the visual ready for hand in i started to panic and believed that what i had wouldn’t be good enough for the presentation. my lecturer sat me down and discussed different ways in which i could create the visual without using photographs and the software tool but using traditional and hand based techniques. my lecturer suggested the use of collage and cutting and sticking different components together to create the desired imagery that i was originally after, this worried me as i felt that i didn’t have enough time in order to experiment with the design and make further changes.

So i decided to go with my original design and layout and play around with the style in which i had created to fit within the era in which the event had taken place, as well as look and the colour themes in which i had used.

I have also specified certain typefaces in order to fit within the era and create the best and most desired effect possible. i feel that now as a whole the design works well and reflects on how i want the full design to look ready for submission.



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