|Constellation Review- Glamour and the Grotesque|

Constellation, Level 5

within this blog post i am going to critically analyse using the questions provided for us about the glamour and grotesque study group that we have been studying over the last term. showing how the theories we have been taught are useful to us and how we can apply them to our own field of work.


  • Describe the process of completing your columns analysis for formative assessment in December?

The way in which i began to complete my analysis is by creating Cath’s columns. i began by pulling apart the image in which i have chosen and started to highlight all of the components within the image. i did this by taking into consideration every detail i could find including material choice, camera angle and facial expression. I found this necessary to complete as these all added up as components of glamour according to the theory in which i ad found upon my image. after looking into the image and the role in which Audrey Hepburn plays within breakfast at tiffany’s really did allow me to be able to direct the image thoroughly and gain a sense of character personality within the image. this was my most important part of my research as this then allowed me to talk about in more depth how different components to the image also helped portray the character in which Hepburn had played. this enabled me to complete the first column ‘describe’ with ease and in the most thorough detail. i then went on to what i found was one of my easiest columns ‘anaylse’ i find it simple to link the information i have dissected  from the image and be able to link this to quotes however the last column i struggled finding more than just the reading list to gain information upon the topic. however i knew that this would occur choosing an interesting and different topic.  although i do feel as if within the column analysis that i have enough information and quotes to be able to complete and compact yet informed essay.

Annex - Hepburn, Audrey (Breakfast at Tiffany's)_14.jpg

The image in which i have analysed for my essay.


  • What difficulties did you encounter filling in the second and third columns?

Difficulties i faced during the process mainly seemed to occur during the third column. as i stated above i found it difficult to find new and interesting quotes on the theories that we had been taught without just using the reading list. However i found that this would be ok to use during this particular brief, plus i found that the east ways to find out about this information would to take a more abstract approach to the topic by looking at the fashion within that era and within the setting itself.

  • How did you over come them?

I overcame this problem by looking at the more abstract parts of the image itself looking into fashion, photography and the different components within that particular era itself. I found this to actually become more interesting and by reading up on this and the research that i had conducted myself i found i was learning more than i had originally set out to.

  • What are the significant concepts/theories that have emerged in your columns analysis? Explain why these have interested you?

I particularly was interested within the freud theory of castration fear, after learning about freud within psychology in previous education i found that going back through the theory as well as applying this to the this particular image and project was an interesting concept. Explaining that the use of phallic objects within advertising and imagery is to replace the genitals that men believe the woman has lost overtime. This creating a sense of relief from the anxiety they have over the thought of loosing their own genitals. I feel that this concept truly interested me because i like the psychological perception upon more theories. I feel that this always adds more depth to imagery, and create interesting and intelligent conversation.

  • How can approaches in this study group help with the development of your ideas and ways to progress with your dissertation preparation?

As I’m considering completing my dissertation more on the behavioural science, i feel that the use of the facial expressions and psychological theories used within this study group can allow me to apply these theories within my dissertation and really add more depth and intricacy to my writing style. Also the use of looking for information within places i wouldn’t have originally thought of could in fact help me when it comes to dissertation writing itself. I have also found being given and explained the information in depth within a short space of time has really allowed for me to process the information quicker and allow for more information to be discussed within my writing therefore i found the writing process for this study group quite enjoyable.

  • How could these concepts/ theories help with developing ideas in your studio practice?

I feel that this study group has changed the way that i now look at most advertisements, films and general day to day life. looking at the stereotypes that are the connotations of glamour and grotesque within photography and imagery in general, with the theory to back it up really has allowed me to look at things differently. I am now more critical within day to day life especially within advertisements and films. Looking at the media’s portrayal of the glamorous woman, phallic objects and other themes brought upon the study group itself i am more judgemental of and therefore this tends to lead to more intelligent discussion within my peer group and on social media itself.

  • What has been useful in the analysis and writing about others work in constellation sessions so far?

I feel that being able to associate the different theories within the study group and apply them to different pieces of work shows a recurring theme within the idea of glamour within industry. This also helps back the theories up as truthful and allow for them to be more trustworthy within the process itself. Because of this i was able to write my essay with confidence and show the theories that i had applied to my own images.

  • How has your thinking about your own practice developed/ changed from your CSAD experience as a student so far?

I feel that because of constellation over the last two years i really have been able to look at the world different not only within advertising and within my own design field, but also during the day to day life and looking at the way people dress and act in order to the theories that we have been taught. I feel that this has helped me critically analyse the work that i have been so far this year and really see what connotations the imagery that i have used has within my work. this has made me a lot more conscious of the work that i am creating.

In conclusion i have particularly enjoyed constellation this year, i feel that this has allowed me to analyse my own work and theories within my own field of design and apply this to day to day life.



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