|Branding Project finals|

Level 5, Subject: Year 2

Since my last tutorial I have completed my touch points and I am ready to put them into PDF format in order to present them to my tutors and class mates on friday the 9th of December. I hope that this will show the full potential of the brand and how my client wanted it to be portrayed. 

i have tried to show all of the elements within my brief and complete the touch points that  myself and my client felt was necessary. i decided to create a full stationary pack including a business card,  letter head and compliment slip, i felt that this was needed to establish the brand and help create a solid foundation for the business itself.


The full stationary set

i decided to make the different items within a set up as well as a separately, this is so i can show the full set as a whole and on their own to create a sense of reality within the design itself.


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i have then gone and created signage for the business to reflect the idea of the premium brand showing precision, reliability and accuracy that the brand wants to identify themselves with. i wanted to create the idea of the collectors items and how the items sold are not every day purchases that can be made just by anyone.

Screen Shot 2016-12-04 at 21.47.53.png

i also decided to make my website so that the home page is a scrolling page that leads to the next without having to click on anything other than the shopping section of the page. this leads to the actually choosing of the shoes for the body and the sole which is shown step by step without being tacky and too much.

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after the website i looked at the tags for the shoes and how they would be used in store and when bought, the only use of the brands logo would be on the tags as the shoes would be branded already and wouldn’t need to be branded with the new logo, as well as the fact that my client didn’t want this upon the shoes themselves and therefore i felt that this was the best option.


The tags used for shoes and other products

another touch point i have created is a t-shirt, although the brand wants to be seen as a premium brand, the brand is also a laid back reaction to fashion and therefore i felt that a t-shirt would be the best way to have the uniform as this could then be styled to any personal preference.

man in blank t-shirt

the last touch point is a delivery van for the purchases made online and for delivery. i wanted this to be simplistic and not to give too much away other than the fact that the diamond represents diamond quality, for the premium brand and quality in which you would receive when purchasing from the brand.



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