|Penguin Book- Tutorial|

Level 5, Subject: Year 2

Today we had different tutorials for our book project so far, we had to show our ideas and how we have taken the concept of in cold blood so far.

Today i had a tutorial within a group of 6 of my colleagues to discuss furthers our research and development that we had put together after reconvening the brief yesterday. i’m finding it difficult to blog about this process as this is a worldwide competition with penguin publishers and we have been asked not show show our visual development within our blogs until after the hand in date.


So far with the project i have watched the film of in cold blood and looked at designers within the era in which the novel and the event was taken place. i feel that this is probably the best way to create relevant imagery about the event without actually taking imagery off of the internet. my aim is to create my own imagery and show the story through a different light.

During my tutorial i presented the mood board in which i had created about ideas, colour themes and influences, as well as small thumbnail sketches. however i feel that the imagery that i have come up with so far is too generic and this was also brought up within the tutorial. the imagery is obvious and therefore i want to take into consideration other components that i could use.

I have also been asked to look at the colour scheme i had originally chosen as at first i felt that this fitted within the theme of the book style and the story itself however its needs to be more thought out and cleverly put together.

I hope that during tomorrows lecture it gives me more ideas for imagery in which i could use and different concepts in which i can really highlight and portray within my cover.


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