|Penguin Book- Briefing|

Level 5, Subject: Year 2

Today we were given the brief to complete a book cover front, back and bind for a chosen book called in cold blood . we have been asked to complete this brief within the first two weeks to mock up designs ready to show to the class and our tutors.

The book we have been given to design is in cold blood, the book is written by Truman Capote. I have never heard of this book before the briefing and therefore want to look more into the book by carrying out research by reading the plot and looking into previous book covers to see what has been used before and what can be possibilities to use within the future.

I want to make my book cover more modern yet with a classic effect of the time period in which the book is set in. I feel that this is the best idea to show the fullest of the content without giving too much away.

In cold blood is a non fiction novel written by Truman Capote, first published in 1966 it details the murders of four of the members of the Herbert clutter family in a small farming community in Kansas.

During the briefing we were given today we were given the main criteria in which we had to take into consideration when designing the book cover. here are some of the following point in which our tutor believes are necessary to include when designing the book cover itself.

  • make sure the image is clear and crisp
  • make sure that the imagery is copyright and that it can be used
  • you can use your own imagery (photography, illustrations, vectors)
  • make sure that the typography used is legible
  • make sure there is a clear hierarchy within the book cover (take into consideration typography, imagery and other components of the design)
  • keep the design simple yet effective (keep them guessing/ don’t give too much away)
  • fulfil the brief properly take into consideration everything they are asking for.


comparison of both the old and new cover for in cold blood:


The first cover for in cold blood

The first cover is very simplistic it shows mainly the name of the novel and the author it doesn’t really elaborate on the actual content of the book keeping the cover very simplistic using an older serif typeface which would have been fitting with the year in which the book was set and around the time when the book was then published.

The small part of imagery that is included on the cover is the red drop, i feel that this is to symbolise blood, possibly linked to the gun shots within the storyline itself, this keeps the  novel completely abstract to the reader visually before reading the story line however implies that something bad will possibly occur within the storyline.

Also the different colours used within the cover itself connote the time period that the book was published within. Showing the main colours used within publishing at the time, which actually having looked at published versions of the book itself, after the original have deemed to have kept the same colour scheme showing a theme within the publication contract possibly waning the colour scheme to stay along the same lines as this portrays their aim for the book itself.



Latest book cover for in cold blood:

Within the newest cover for in cold blood the same colour scheme from the original copy is still being used. I feel that this is a very specific element to the design of the book itself and also allows for the audience to see that the book is the same but a newer edition.

The imagery used within the cover is more of an animated version of the original copy, allowing us to see that the red marks used as ‘O’s within the typography is intact blood and not irrelevant to the novel itself. this also allows for the reader to get an idea of what the book may include before reading any more information upon it.

The typography also used within the cover is more clear and modern and fits within the newer time scale. I feel that this typeface is also a lot more legible than the original copy, allowing for the reader to read the information within the cover quicker and easier. the text is also shown within the same hierarchy showing neither as the less important information and allows for both to be read within the same sentence.

Opinion on the brief:

I like the sound of this brief however within the time frame that we have been give to complete this to a high standard i feel it is cutting it quite thin especially with other on going projects we are yet to finish by the 9th of December. Although, the brief itself is actually one of my favourites as it allows us to go and explore our own ideas for imagery and text without having too much guided support.






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