|Group Branding Project VS Solo Branding Project|

Level 5, Subject: Year 2

After being set two different branding projects we were asked by many different tutors to compare the group branding project with the s4c project and the solo branding project we had originally been set. I am going to compare both the pros and cons of working in and outside of a group and how i have personally found both of the projects.


One of the main things that i personally feel sways in the favour of the solo brief is  the fact that the only person you have to rely on to do the work is yourself. I find it particularly difficult to trust people to do their part of the brief after past experiences where little effort has been put in from team members. I personally find the process more relaxing knowing what i have to do and that i don’t have to rely on others to do their work.

Another reason why i prefer solo work to group work is that i can work around my own timetable, this is easier for me as swell as university i also have a part time job, this constricts me to certain days being able to do little course work due to working. Having a solo brief allows that flexibility and time management that you more than likely wouldn’t have within a group due to job, hobbies and other commitments.

Decision making and developing the design further is also better during a solo project as you don’t have to take in others opinions on the project other than the tutors grading the work. This allows for development work and crucial decision making to be made on the spot without having to organise meetings and get everyones opinions within the group. This can also causes problems within the group if one of the members has quite a quiet personality, this normally leads to little input from that member, and therefore holding back the group from making a firm decision without making anyone feel uncomfortable.

A reason why i do enjoy working in part of the group is when we are given large tasks to complete within a small period of time. this is easier within a group as it allows for the work to be separated and each member allocated a certain part of the brief to tackle before coming back together with the final outcome. This is a problem when working on solo projects as all of the work is put on one person and therefore puts pressure and creates added stress to the brief. This normally leads also to the brief not being completed to the highest ability possible and only allows for a fraction of the work to be completed.

As well as separating the group work out it also allows for a larger brainstorming of ideas and different concepts to occur, when working on your own you are limited to a certain amount of ideas and knowledge upon a subject. However within the group you are able to get new ideas, opinions and views on different concepts and challenge them further into the development stage. Within a group there is no limit to the amount of ideas you can develop at one time to come back together and see which you feel is most suitable and reflects the brief in the most positive way.

Between the group project brief that we have been given and the solo project i have actually preferred working more within my group. I’ve found my group to work really well as a team, evening out the workload and committing to deadlines. the solo project has been a lot of work especially alongside the other briefs however i feel that both of them are shaping out to be good projects and will be good to show within my portfolio.

Personally when it comes to looking at the pros and cons of working within a group and working solo, i would say that i prefer working on solo briefs. I feel more at ease with these briefs and in reality there is no harm in getting a second or third opinion on my designs and having them critiqued further during the development process in order to challenge me more and gain more experience handling larger workloads under pressure.



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