|S4C Review|

Level 5, Subject: Year 2

I am going to review my last branding project with S4C and how it was working within a group and dividing the work between the four of us when circumstances changed.

For the S4C branding project we were given the task by S4C  to create a series of different indents and break bumpers as a collaboration to celebrate St davids day. as a class we were separated into groups in order to create these designs as a group and work together to end the project with a client. we were separated into a group of five, two boys and three girls, each of us had never worked with each other before and this allowed for us to get to know each alongside the project as well.

After the project i feel that i was put into a very reliable and trustworthy group. all of the members of my group worked really well together and showed great efforts of team work when it was difficult. especially when having to make the decision to remove a member of the group from the project. this was a difficult task for all of us to do, due to outside circumstances, one member of the group had very low attendance to all of the meetings that we held as a team to make decisions and carry out the work we were asked to create.

When we first started this project as a group we sat down to discuss the different elements that make up St davids day, we decided to mind map ideas and go from there trying to figure out a less generic and more individualistic idea, this is why we first went down the road of creating footage that captured the history of wales in a more modern way, looking at the architecture. however after many different loop holes and not overly agreeing on a certain direction to take this content for the project we then decided to take another direction with the project completely and using the question what st davids day means to you? posing the question more to the audience of S4C rather than actually trying to push an answer onto the public themselves.

Personally i felt that we came along way within this project, being able to actually question  our ideas and state whether this was actually achievable is one of our main attributes as a group. we felt that this really did allow us to make the more important decisions and guide us through into new and more improved ideas.

Adding new bits into our idea was pretty simple as a group. between the four of us left we had quite similar thoughts upon the design and knew as a group how we could tweak the design to become better, and fit the brief before us. the castle idea taking upon the history to modern wouldn’t work as we had hoped and we knew that in order to create a design that would meet the criteria and be achievable within the real life designing we knew that the best idea would be to change the idea to fit the brief properly.

The significant factors that helped us change our idea to come to the final design and the reason why we decided to go with it, was because of user ability and the actual connection with St davids day. as most of the group aren’t welsh we first found it difficult to connect with the concept of St davids day,  not knowing really what it was or how we could approach the subject without it being generic and common with the use of the traditional elements such as welsh cakes, dragons and daffodils. this is why we decided at first to go with the heritage and channel the historical background. the brief however was clear that the they wanted a modern image of wales and how they wanted to really connect with the audience properly. this is why we decided to change the idea as it fitted the brief the most and was a lot more achievable.

If i was given the opportunity to complete this brief again i would use the approach that we took with the second idea from the beginning to really capture that idea of what St davids day is to them. i feel that starting with this concept first off we could have developed the idea more and channeled it within a different direction and really show the full possibilities that this content could have. i feel as a group we worked really well and that we were slightly let down by one group member although it couldn’t be helped this caused a lot more pressure on the rest of the group, making us pick up work that between five of us could have been easily distributed and wouldn’t have been too much work. other than that i feel that as a group project i wouldn’t do much different next time around.

I feel that this process has taught me a lot of different things along the journey of the S4C branding. i feel that i can now work in a group and not worry about relying too much upon group members distributing the work load.  The process has also taught me how to talk in front of clients and how to handle difficult situations when things go wrong, when things went wrong during the client briefing i felt uncomfortable and disappointed and therefore spoke as i didn’t want to leave the silence in an awkward situation between us and the client themselves.

I feel that the challenges that met across the client brief would have been appointed within any brief, by trying to make sure you are covering every area of the brief without any gaps, however the only difference with the client brief is the time scale you have. i feel that using the experience i gained working within This is Dare London, on live client briefs that had short and close deadlines, allowed us as a group to work to timings throughout the project. A problem that we did come across was how we should present our idea, as the brief didn’t overly capture how we should present our idea and what style they would like our idea to be put across, we found it difficult trying to put the idea into context and capture the way in which they wanted the advertise St davids day.


Overall i feel that the group project went really well. i felt that the group i was put into was a committed and strong group to be put into and even if we do not get picked as the final three i am happy with the work in which myself and my group have completed.





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