|Branding S4C Final Week|

Level 5, Subject: Year 2

This week was our last week working on the s4c branding project presenting to our tutors whom have been on board with this project and also the clients from the graphics department of S4C. 


Monday 21st November:

This week our aim is to execute a good solid presentation without the need for cue cards and to be able to present our concept to the highest of our our ability. Before the presentation with our tutors we decided to have a group meeting to make sure we had all of the parts to the presentation that we could possibly think of that would help convey our idea and show it to the best of our ability. Over the weekend, i had drawn up a fish new storyboard to show our full idea to get across the meaning of our concept without going too off of course. Trying to create it relative to our short film we made last week. two other team members had also been busy making a more detailed and accurate representation for our mood-board, whilst another put together the footage that we took last week to show the example for the project within the presentation.

Our presentation with our tutors was at 2;30, we decided to have set slides and parts o the project to talk about each as we felt that this would be the best way to equal out all of the talking between the 4 of us. We didn’t feel as if it was necessary to be as prepared for this presentation as our presentation on Wednesday as we wanted to see how we could present without any practice or cue cards to get a better feedback report from the tutors. Then we could make these changes by Wednesday, after the presentation the feedback we were given was strong and there was only a few changes we needed to make for Wednesday.

The changes that we needed to make by Wednesday was the mood-board, this had to explain in more depth our vision for the content by showing the different locations in which the content could be for example the seaside, the countryside, the town centre, and historic memorials. Using different age groups, genders and ethnicities to really capture modern day wales. Another change that we wanted to show was the use of the hashtag idea that i had come up with for break bumpers. As break bumpers are relatively short we wouldn’t be able to show the question and a few answers in that short space of time. therefore i came up with the idea of using a hashtag, just like john lewis do with their Christmas adverts.. I felt that this would be a good way to engage with the audience at home and also help S4C with pitching to a younger audience of around the age of 15-35. this is the age group in which a lot of S4C don’t appeal to and there i feel that by using the hashtag this helps the viewer engage and create a sense of relationship within the community of wales and S4C itself.


This idea was deemed as a great idea from the tutors and really did capture the essence of what S4C were trying to present within their brief.  from then we decided to get this together ready for Wednesday and to work on everything in preparation for the client review. we decided that i would redo the storyboard overnight so we could add it to the power point presentation ready for Wednesday and that the other small tweaks needed for the presentation could be resolved within a group meeting on the Tuesday.

Tuesday 22nd November:

Today we sat down with all of our work and discussed how we were going to go about the presentation. Where each of us felt we could be best be placed within the presentation and what part of the presentation we would be able to speak about the most with hitting everything we needed to within the brief.

As a group we came to the conclusion that i would be best off introducing the context of our idea to the clients, basically explaining what we have come up with and where we would like to go with it within industry. It was also down to me to explain the hashtag and where we wanted to go with that and how we felt it was most effective. then we decided that one of the guys was going to explain the footage that we had created and why we decided to create the footage and how we wanted it to go if we were chosen to go into the next stage. Then the two others are going to explain how our idea came about and the visuals we had started with. I feel that this set out worked well together and that this was a good idea ready for presentation.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We decided to bullet point the notes that each of us needed to hit within the presentation, this way then we wouldn’t  miss anything crucial out of the presentation and we were more likely going to hit everything within the brief this way. As a group we left on Tuesday feeling confident with the work that we had put together for the presentation and knowing what parts we were going to take.

for the video we made together please click here: 


Wednesday 23rd November: 

before the client briefing: 

Before we went into brief our client with our content for their brief we decided to have a meeting to discuss that we were all on the same page and wave length and that we were ready to go ahead with this presentation. We decided within this space of time that we were going to print off our presentation and put into a portfolio style folder for the client to take away and look at whilst making their decision. We also decided to print off the story board that i had recreated three times in A3 , this is so that if we had any technical difficulties within the presentation we were still able to carry out the content with the images i have drawn and also so that the clients could see the images within more detail as this isn’t always visible on screen. I felt that this allowed us to feel more confident and more at ease with the work we were ready to put on show.

during the presentation:

within the presentation we had a few difficulties. as the laptop wasn’t connecting to the tv to be able to show the presentation at first i decided to take the initiative to carry out the presentation starting with the briefing whilst the technically difficulties were being felt with. i don’t particularly enjoy awkward sileneces especially when things are going wrong so i decided to explain the idea and using the portfolio presentation was able to convey the briefing using the booklet before the presentation on the laptop was ready to go. then we carried out the rest of the presentation, the presentation i felt worked out really well, however i feel that the rest of my group were slightly thrown by the slight technical difficulty that we had and there allowed for a few mistakes and forgetting of information however between the four of us i feel that we managed to pull out all the stops and deliver all of the information necessary.

feedback and after the presentation: 

The feedback from our clients and tutors about the content of the work we had produced was positive and seemed to excite the client about the possibility and depth that our simple yet achievable idea has. Our tutor was also happy with the fact that i had spoken during the technical difficulties and started the presentation. After the feedback we were then given review sheets of our work. This allowed us to rate each of our team members and assess where we had all contributed and how we worked well as part of a team.

I felt that during the project my team had worked really well together and we may heave had difficulties getting started but our end result was better than we thought it could have ever been and the joint effort over the last few weeks was clear within our work and commitment to team meetings.



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