|Branding S4C- so far|

Level 5, Subject: Year 2


For the S4C project this week our main focus is to create the perfect idea and proposal for the client review next Wednesday. 

Teamwork with blue marker

Monday 14th November

Today we had a group meeting, however only three out of the five of us turnt up due to different circumstances. We decided to sit down as a group of three to discuss where we felt our idea with the new to the old architecture was going and whether we felt as if the concept would work together and pull off the idea of it relating back to st davids day.

After a lot of deliberation over the weekend I found that the idea we originally had wouldn’t be viable and wouldn’t work without making the concept entirely abstract and therefore wouldn’t fit within the brief of being relevant for st David’s day. The plan to capture the old turning into the new within wales seemed a good idea as we felt this was an obvious answer to our question, however to do this concept and pull it off to the highest level possible we would have needed past footage of wales which wouldn’t have been allowed due to not having the footage and plagiarism.

I decided that the best way to confront this problem would be to speak to my group and see how they all felt. As there was only three of us for this meeting I found it slightly unfair on my group members to pose a different idea and not have the input of two other members of the group there. However due to time management I knew that in order to go forward with the presentation a decision had to be made within the day as we needed to put together a proposal to show our tutor by Tuesday.

After telling my group and them all agreeing with myself, we decided to go forward in order to come up with a new idea. We went back to the drawing board of ideas and reread the brief three times before asking the question, ‘what does st davids day mean to us?’ The only problem with this question…. none of us our Welsh, st davids day to us wasn’t really a thing that any of our families celebrated, and to be honest none of us really knew what it meant to others.

‘What does St-Davids day mean to you?’


After thinking about this would be a great concept for our new idea, instead of trying to put words in the mouth of the public and the audience of S4C within wales, why don’t we ask the people of wales what st davids day actually means to them. This way then we could get a broad range of answers gathering content without being generic and capturing the main focus of the company itself. The audience.


The rest of my group felt that this was a strong idea and we felt that this can be portrayed in many different ways, whether that was just typographically or whether we used actual images of the public to show this the real way. We went from there to create new ideas of how we could portray this within the footage and decided on the idea of using large boards to write their meaning of st davids day.

We then went ahead to pitch this idea to our tutor before we separated and allocated jobs to each of us to do before our meeting and presentation with our tutor tomorrow. Our tutor definitely preferred this idea to our previous idea, saying that this idea had more mileage and would be easily achievable without any hassle.

We went ahead to allocate jobs to do that night, I myself took the opportunity to create a storyboard, in order to invision the idea to our lecturer and show the exact outcome we wish to create. One of my group memebers decided to create a short video clip in order to show how we would create our idea, and our other groups meme we decided on creating a mood board to show the different ways in which we could portray  idea and how we could make it work.

Tuesday 15th November 

Today we had our group meeting with Ian weir, the plan was to show Ian all of the content we had put together within the night. As all of us had put in the work the concept went down really well and we were given achievable feedback in order to make small changes to our designs to put together before our meeting with S4C, most of group turnt up to this meeting which was good as this allowed us to catch everyone up and get everyone on the same page ready to put in more work in the rest of the week.

From here we felt the best decision was to put together a mock up video of how we wanted our outcome to look on a smaller scale. In order to do this we felt that the best idea was to create a few mock up questions and ask Welsh people around the university (on a small scale first) what st davids day means to them? And what do they associate with st David’s day? We felt that these would get the best short and quick answers to write upon boards to be able to show the public within a video format their opinions. We decided to make a list of about 20 different answers and they capture the video footage ourselves using members of our group as we felt that this would be a more personal touch to our presentation.

However a main stumbling point was our use of the Welsh language. As all English speakers this was a difficult task to translate all of the English terminology into Welsh, as there are many different ways of saying certain words including slang the the only way in which we felt was a viable option was to contact a friend whom speaks Welsh to translate it for us to be able to write them onto the boards ready for S4C.

After putting together all of this information we decided to put together a format of how we were going to put the smaller video together for presentation in order to be able to start filming on the following day.

This is our step by step format:

Screen Shot 2016-11-23 at 15.05.42.png

Wednesday 16th November 

Today we had a lecture first thing on different printing processes (which will be in another blog post). We went on to have a group meeting after the presentation to start filming fo a short mock up idea for our client meeting for S4C. We started this by writing out the Welsh translations to our previous day answers onto large white boards, we felt this was the best way to show diversity throughout the video and to use different hand writing throughout too, we felt this was our best decision going forward in order to capture the idea of unity within S4C itself.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We started to film one by one changing the different positioning of the camera so it looked like different places around the uni and wasn’t so similar, we took in turn holding up boards and transiting them onto the next slide of the video.

We completed this and decided that the best way to go from here was to each allocate more work between the 4 of us to get done and meet back together as a group by Friday.

Friday 18th November 

Today we had a small group meeting in order to put together all of the work from the last few days. We decided to sit down and watch all of the footage that we had created however we felt that the lighting difference and the length of the footage was too short and didn’t work as well as we had originally hoped for. From here we felt that it was a good idea to refilm the footage from Wednesday and also add on footage today to show more of the answers given to us by the public.

Screen Shot 2016-11-23 at 15.03.49.png

We decided to set the camera up within a busy walk way within the university, therefore we felt that we would get the full experience of the idea by having people walk past and other things happening within the background. I felt that this worked out really well as this involved a lot of team work between the 4 of us to be able to keep focused and create easy and effective content.

After filming we decided to sit down to look at how we were going to put together the presentation ready for Monday. As a group we decided that the best way to go ahead with this  was to separate different parts of the project to each other, I’ve taken it upon myself to explain our idea and the Story board of our idea in the presentation, one of our memebers is explaining about the video footage and how it came together and the two other group memebers are putting together the mood boards of our initial ideas until our ideas now.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If this all goes to plan I feel that we have a good chance at having a good presentation and a well working proposal ready for our tutors on Monday and our client meeting on Wednesday.


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