|Branding Project- Tutorial|

Level 5, Subject: Year 2

Today I had another catch up with my tutor about my on going branding project for mixed kicks. I have made some changes to my branding project since we last spoke in order to improve my designs and create a more effective outcome for my client and for my portfolio.



Today I sat down with Ian Weir to discuss my branding project further. trying to gather new ideas and create more effective outcomes before hand in date. I wanted to start by showing the work I have changed so far so he could see the difference within my work. I discussed with my tutor how I wanted to get the go ahead for the results i was making in order to carry on and make further changes to other parts.

I started off reintroducing the new van identity I had created in order to get the idea of the theme that I was going for and whether he felt that this was appropriate. The colour scheme and the slightly abstract feel to the design gathered good feedback with no tweaks needed, this gave me a lot more confidence within my work to be able to show him the other improvements i have made to the touch points so far.


I then went on to show him the stationary set in which i have created. Before hand I had only created a business card, however I was then informed that in order for these designs to go forward I would need to create the compliment slip and letter head to go along side. I took the plunge to create all three giving myself more content overall to put within a portfolio.

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The business cards I had changed to create the same effect that I had given with the van, I wanted it to be kept simple yet show the entire theme using the abstract placing that occurs within the van design. I wanted to keep the colour minimal yet still effective so that it could be applied to different timings and appeal to different people. When i shown the designs to Ian he wasn’t sure on the opaque box in which i had put in to create a wrap effect around the card. however the rest of the design Ian felt was fitting and effective and it was just a few small adjustments it needed for the design to be finished.

The next touch point i had created was the website design. i wanted the website to look different and modern. i feel that with the use of the colours and more informative and exciting imagery that the website design looks a lot better and you can really tell the brands identity. instead of creating the one page, I decided to create three showing how the website would work as you scroll down the page.

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There are a few changes that need to be made to my website so that the navigation bar drops down to the next page as the scrolling occurs and this will also allow for user experience to become easier when using this website. When it comes to the website though I would like to be able to create it to show how it would work if this was a real website, I would like to be able to use adobe muse to show this however I haven’t used this software since college and i feel that my knowledge on the software is quite limited. I feel that a workshop using this software could be relatively effective in the long run.

From there I haven’t created any more touch points since feedback as I didn’t want to progress further within this specific identity and it not felt by the tutor. So I decided to do a few in order to show my idea thoroughly.

My aim now is to recreate these designs changing the tweaks I have been given by my tutor and to re-create the other touch points according to this design.


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