|Publish- The Journal|

Field, Level 5

This week we have looked at the different ways in which we can overcome any of the problems which we have been faced with so far.


As a group we had a tutorial with our tutors to discuss our project so far and how we are working together to create the journal. We decided that the best way to show them this was to show the prototypes we had originally made out of scrap paper, then our more recent prototypes using the layout set outs we made using indesign. This allowed us to show our mind set to our tutors and let them know how we actually want the finished design to look when it is all complete and printed.

We also decided to show them the layout we have made using in design. We have put together the full file with different page sizes and layouts for it to print in a booklet format when it comes to finishing. This also becomes more useful when putting images and typography into the layout system and helps create an idea of where everything will sit.

During the tutorial we had positive feedback showing that we could work well as a team and our extent of knowledge within in design and layout systems. We decided to also show them a printed prototype of how the typography  set over a course of pages so that it all joined up together when the book was closed, didn’t print to how we had originally hoped and went on to explain that our next move was to solve this problem.

After a break between the tutorial, in order to have a team talk and discussion about what we hoped to achieve by the end of the day. We then went on to solve the problem of the printed pages. However when it came to this problem it wasn’t anything to do with the document itself but to do with the printing settings and how we could print the document itself. when we had originally printed the document was printing within an a4 set up and was also on customise to size settings which is great when printing other document but not when needing exact measurements and sizes. we actually needed the settings for exact size and on a3 settings to be centred. as this was the problem that we originally faced i then went on to print it within these new settings.

when the whole document had been printed it was clear to see that this was the settings that we needed for our booklet to come out and work together and correlate so that the information was readable across all of the pages. we then went on to cut the design with the scalpel on the cutting mat and ensemble all of the parts together accurately to show the full representation of the document we wish to produce.

as a group we then went on to look at layout design and how we could layout our document without it creating similar design layouts. we decided to document some research of layout design that we liked the look of and how we wanted our document to show different ways in which the design course allows us to express our personality. we put together a couple of boards to show what we wanted and started to set out putting text and imagery into our layout design. during this process we had a few issues with varied reactions and opinions on different typefaces and placements of the imagery and text boxes however we worked well to over come these issues with compromising.

Our next step as a group is to put the text and imagery within more exciting layouts and start adding in textures of the paper and backgrounds we plan on using. i also feel that we should take our own imagery to show the degree studio space within hours to show what the space is actually like when students are working.




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