|Branding Project-Delivery Van Process|

Level 5, Subject: Year 2

Carrying on with the branding project i am trying to re-create some of the designs that I have already created to advance them further, ready for submission. The focus points that I am going to touch upon are previously stated within my last branding blogpost and i am going to show the progression further within more detail. 

The Delivery Van:

I decided to start the process agin with the van layout. i found that the image of the van that i had originally used wasn’t giving me a lot to play with and the shape of the van was very boxed and didn’t allow for much diversity within the design.


the new van template

from here i decided to play around with my logo making the imagery different and introducing a colour pallet fit for both genders which will bounce off of the monochrome set up already within place. i decided to add in different variations of mint green and black and grey. these worked out well giving the van an overall professional look without it being too much or going as far as to say that it could look tacky.

i then went on to look at positioning of the text. i wanted to be able to move the text around without it being solidly attached to the marque as i wanted it to be seen and noticed separately as well as together. i felt that this worked out well creating new positioning for the text, and including the strap line too.


this is now my new improved van design i feel that this design is more current compared to my old design which i don’t feel did the company justice and worked as well as this design. i feel that the use of colour has given the design a more modern and interesting feel to the company itself. as the van doesn’t give too much away i feel that people will want to look more into the company and therefore my next step to the van is to add in the website address on the back of the van for passers by to acknowledge.

Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 14.20.11.png

after looking at this fully i have taken into consideration that the van needed the essential details on the back in order for people to be able to read and look into further i feel that this being on a simple black works better than having it on the detail across the side of the van. i feel that this van works better than my previous and from this i am going to change up my designs so that they all correlate together to create a full set.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

To see how far my van design has come i am proud of the new layout that i have created. i feel that this is much more interesting and unique compared too the original designs.


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