|Branding Project- Tutorial|

Level 5, Subject: Year 2

I decided to take it upon myself to seek criticism on my branding work for ‘Mixed Kicks’, I spoke to Ian weir to get his opinion on the work that I have created so far for this project.


Speaking to Ian has given me clear clarity on the work that I need to produce for the final hand in date on the 9th of December. Ian explained to me all of the details that I could change in order to get the best possible effect and create interest within my brand itself.

The first detail that I was told to look at was my logo. the logo is spaced quite close together and due to the fact this also includes an underline to box the type in is quite visually uninteresting. Ian explained that when we read words our minds normally remember the visual representation of the word rather than the singular letters. we do this the reading off of screen or on paper, the shape of the lower case letters and the upper case letter combined together shows the full representation that we remember. however because the typography i have used looks more effective within uppercase letters the typography used isn’t as legible as it could be and therefore desires more space away from the marque itself.

Therefore i am going to change the space between the shapes in order to create the marque to be noticeable alone and with the typography itself. this allows for it to work together and show the full purpose of the marque.

the second detail in which Ian felt could use some work would be the business cards, as my official idea was to create the cut out idea within the business card. the best way in which for me to make this would be to use the laser cutter or to use a scalpel and be over cautious. Ian felt that the idea was good however when making a business card this normally would come hand in hand with a stationary set, including the idea of having a letter head and compliment slip.

I am going to take it upon myself to also create these too. i am going to create a brand new idea as i feel that for the stationary set to correlate together having cut outs in one place and not in others could not work well as a set and could possibly be really ineffective.

Ian also suggested that i go out and take my own photographs to show the use of the shoes and the type of thing in which the store would look like and how this could work together. i am going to look at inspiration and collect a group of models together in order to be able to create the full design for the website and the for other purposes. this also leads upon looking at the idea of recreating the website and adding more pages in order to create depth and understanding within the website itself.

The brand itself is quite a difficult concept and the brand along with the placement geographically is quite hard to brand for as it contradicts all of the brand qualities that is apparently about. The idea to create an upper class shoe brand within Camden market, and make it so that it fits in, creates interest without it being too simple, is where i am struggling the most. i want to be able to experiment with colour yet I’m finding that it looks tacky once applied to the design itself.





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