|Publish- The Journal|

Field, Level 5

we were all given a task to create a journal within the next few weeks in order to create a purpose and show as a final piece of work for this part of the field module. we were given the option to work within groups or by ourselves to create the journal and show our understanding and knowledge within layout and design when it comes to publish. 



Thursday 3rd November

I decided for my project that i was going to work within a group of three to show off the skills we have learnt within a journal format. We decided as a group to create a journal purely for open days and potential students looking to study graphic communication within Cardiff metropolitan university.


Examples of University Prospectus’

We first off started to researching other open day handbooks and prospectuses to look at the different content used within each of the books and online. However one thing we noticed is that the booklets were very informative and formal. As students we understand that the concept of looking for universities and courses can be quite daunting especially including the fact that most students actually move away from home to complete their studies. The main thing in which i liked about Cardiff metropolitan university was that fact thats when i came in to the building and onto campus was that i found the studio space and the lectures and staff all very welcoming and comforting. This automatically put me at ease when i came for the open day.

The lecturers are quite laid back yet informative in a more informal manner which allows many students to relate to and find comfort. Also the course lectures are easy to talk to and are always up for a laugh. I wanted to show this through the openly booklet so that the potential student would really connect on a personal level with the course without it being too formal and hard hitting.

We then all looked at the content of the journal itself and what crucial information we should include that we couldn’t leave out. We decided that this was the information on each year and what is the main focus of each year. We then decided on entry requirements  as this is also important as without this a student wouldn’t be able to aim and know what grades are accepted within the university itself. We also felt that a fun way to break up the information would be to add in quotes, to create something thats interesting and funny but without diverting mainly off of topic.

We set out to start mapping out layout ideas trying to think of something that wasn’t simple and that would be unique to us. We decided on different paper sizes for pages within the booklet. We felt that this would be the best idea to show the full range of layout and composition knowledge in which we can put together and create something modern.

We set out to create a mock up design of this journal by creating it with scrap paper and modelling it around the fact that the largest size as A5, we felt that this worked out really well and gave us new and innovative ideas for our layout when it comes to the images and text placement.

Tuesday 8th November

We decided that the best way for us to see if the layouts would work would to create an indesign file that would allow us to see the layout of the pages all at once. we decided to measure our mock up page by page in order to see the different pages forming on screen.  this worked out really well, we decided to colour co-ordiate the pages to our mock up to be able to show our lecturer how we have gone about laying out the work upon screen.

When then decided to set out our layout according to the thumbnails we had originally designed on paper. we wanted to show the overlapping effect of type transferring onto different pages, so as each page is lifted part of the word disappears. we felt that this would show great deal of knowledge and experimental design within our work. however when trialled and tested this didn’t work as well as we had hoped as when it came to printing, the document should have printed on a3 to be able to fit the smaller than a4 size document on properly, this caused a lot of problems as then the typography didn’t align as well as we had originally hoped for.

Our next step is to try again and hopefully apply more of the content and imagery we have decided on. i feel that this group project is working out really well. myself and my other group members bounce ideas off of each other really well and aren’t afraid to critique each other which i feel entirely useful.


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