|S4C Branding Project- Tutorial|

Level 5, Subject: Year 2

For the S4C branding project we were all given a time slot in which to present our ideas so far to our tutor and see how he feels about the ideas in which we have come up with so far and whether they are appropriate.


Today we had a tutorial to present our ideas with our tutor so far. so far my group and myself have looked into the different elements within the creative package for S4C and looked into what they have used before on different occasions and special events.

After looking we found that all of the material used within the previous work has been pretty simple and mainly used photographic images and film. As S4C is mainly aimed at the older viewer we felt that using animation wouldn’t be particularly effective within this process as it could be lost on the older viewer and also irrelevant.

Whilst within our group tutorial i decided to speak as although my group are all within the same level when it comes to ideas and putting them across to one another within the group, they seem to quite quiet when it comes to presenting which worries me when it comes to our final presentation day. I went on to tell my lecturer that we like the idea of using iconic architecture such as castles and building ruins to show the history within wales itself. we like the idea of contrasting the old and new together in order to show variation and create the idea of the time hop in a more inventive way.

2012-09-19 4759.jpg

Cardiff Castle

Our tutor liked or idea he felt it was different to the normal daffodils and dragons which have been very popular when used for St davids day and have been slightly over used in the past. our tutor said to utilise the architecture available to us in close proximity is the best of our options without making the architecture look too obvious that its Cardiff. we have decided to use small elements of the architecture to build up the idea of textures and components used without being too obvious.

Our idea is very different to most of the class and I’m slightly worried that the concept is too abstract. however i do feel that if done properly then this project could work really well together and be an effective proposal in front of our clients.


Caerphilly Castle

For our tutorial next week we are all going to make our own mood boards to see what ideas we all have in mind already in order to incorporate everyones ideas within the final piece. this can work together well to then create a larger mood board and start coming together to create thumbnails for our story board.


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