|S4C Branding Project- StoryBoarding Workshop|

Level 5, Subject: Year 2

We were given a small presentation in order to show us the importance of using storyboarding when making creative film. The lecture was interesting and broke down the process to show how this can be used within other projects as well.


During the lecture I decided to take notes in order to be able to apply this to my own work this year as i feel it is most crucial that i follow the entire process thoroughly, in order to show my development throughout the project.

  • mood board (looking at images related to theme/ look at colours represented within the theme/ a style appropriate and appealing / looking into interests within the target audience)
  • producing some concept styles: different variations to show the different ways it can be used./ looking at emotions and themes
  • concept briefs: write down all the ideas and production process/ for example: collage and motion graphics.
  • story boarding: develops over time and has a lot of changes/ thumbnail storyboarding- rough sketches within sketchbook. (first walk through of idea). / different formats of story boarding- possibly use one which uses time frames… could be helpful when putting together film and especially for the bumpers.
  • show whats happening/ who are the characters/ the purpose/ the story (use clear yet more detailed images to show whats happening fully.)
  • build up the story (using different positioning and frame content to keep the animation/ film interesting)
  • brain storming ideas and establishing ideas further (whittling it down to the finer details and more of a personal effect)
  • animatic is story board dropped into a timeline (this is used after the story board is finalised and ready to be further developed)

I found that the presentation was worth being present for as it allowed me to gain more information within the process and also has made me more confident to progress through with this project as a whole.

I feel that this project is a good learning curb for me, as balancing different projects at once i find quite normal however this amount I’m not normally used to and I’m worried about how I’m going to be able to manage it at the moment. I feel that working within this group will help as we can evenly distribute the work without it falling mainly on me.


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