|Publish- Week One|

Field, Level 5

For part of the course we were asked to pick two different modules for field, I decided on the two graphic design based projects which I felt would benefit my knowledge within the field, and to further and help advance my portfolio of work.

For the first module we had publish. publish is the exploration of typography and imagery laid out within an editorial set out to create interest with the audience and show creativity within different topics.

Our First Project: (Tuesday 18th October)

The first mini project we were given was to create a three volume booklet to show a story of an object. We were put into groups to be able to collaborate and create different ways of imagery to bring together. I was put in a group with to illustration students, at first I thought that the group was going to work really well as they were both quite talkative and weren’t shy about their own ideas. However they seemed to talk amongst themselves a lot and didn’t overly communicate with me which lead to a lot of problems within the group.

plant one.jpeg.jpg

one of the images used within the book itself.

After deliberating what we were going to do we decided on creating a three volume book upon looking after a peace lily, within our classroom we have a peace lily and this is where we gained our inspiration from. We then decided to incorporate all three version of the images together to create the book as well, as all three of us have our own way of showing imagery we decided that the best way was to overlap all three on photoshop and put them into the layout using indesign.

image 4.jpg


After talking about it my group members decided to leave and left me to do the work, i found this quite difficult to come to terms with as i don’t like being let down within group work. however i decided to create my part of the imagery and hope that they incorporate their own illustrations at a later time before the deadline.



(Wednesday 19th October)

After messaging my group a few times i finally got an answer from them at 8;45pm sending me through the images of half of the book which wasn’t enough for me to create the full three volumes on indesign without having to do more work on top to show the work within presentation on Thursday. I decided to overlap them on photoshop using the invert tool and the posterise tool to add different textures and make it look as if the image was moving and creates the idea of growth and decay within the booklet itself.

image 10.jpg

After completing the images together, i then added together the images with typography using indesign, at this point i was quite disheartened as it was late and my group had turns into a solo mission where i had to complete the work on my own. i felt that the imagery and content wasn’t enough. But when i put it all together within the frame system i found that i could use the white space to my advantage and still keep within the theme of the rest of the book.


Volume 1


Volume 2

Screen Shot 2016-10-27 at 13.49.15.png

Volume 3

I decided to keep pages simple by only using typography within some pages to keep the book simple yet informative and modern. I decided to use the typeface Bebas Neue i felt that the contrast with the imagery and the typeface worked really well to blend and stand out at the same time. i also felt that this gave quite an informative yet effective feel to the booklet itself.

(Thursday 20th October)

On Thursday i then went into to print off the booklet ready to present to the rest of my colleagues and to show my group what i had completed over the few days with little help from both of them. however on my way into university, i received a message to say that both of my group mates wouldn’t be present that day and that they have not got anything else to contribute to the presentation we also had to present later on in the day. after printing i actually really took to the volumes of the book that i had created. i found that they all fitted quite well and worked well as set. i feel that that project would have also been nice as a full publish project as it was turns into a manual on how to look after a peace lily and to look into further care.



Volume 1



Volume 2



Volume 3

I then went on to finish the powerpoint presentation that i had already created in preparation for my group to not be present. i found this was slightly upsetting as i felt let down a lot by my group which only contributed a small amount to the entire project and it really effected my work. i then went on to present and finish my work on my own.

I do actually enjoy working within a group as i find the process interesting and being given new and innovative ideas to create something interesting and modern. However i found the process this week quite disheartening, i felt that i was let down a lot this week and had to prove to myself and others that i can overcome the problems i have faced and present my work with to the highest of standard.

If i was to complete this project again i would like to spend more time on this making it look more interesting and unique, and also creating the imagery to look more powerful and striking. i also feel if i had more time i could pay more attention to the typography placement and where in which it could be placed to be he most effective.






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